Zadok, in the Bible. 1 Founder of a prominent priestly family. 2 One of David's men. 3 Grandfather of Jotham. 4 Sealer of the Covenant. 5 High priest. 6, 7 Builders of the wall. 8 Scribe. The last two may be the same.
  1. Zadok or Zadoc (zãdo:k) is a small village about Birjand.
  2. Zadok (צדוק) is a Hebrew name, meaning "righteous".

Hebrew Bible

Zadok was the name of several individuals in the Hebrew Bible.

  1. Zadok (High Priest):The first high priest of the Israelites in Jerusalem after it was conquered by David.
  2. The father of Jerusha, who was wife of King Uzziah, and mother of King Jotham (2 Kings 15:33; 2 Chr. 27:1).
  3. "The scribe" set over the treasuries of the temple by Nehemiah along with a priest and a Levite (Nehemiah 13:13).
  4. The son of Baana, one of those who assisted in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (Neh. 3:4).
  5. The Hebrew term for Sadducees (Zadokim), the Priestly sect during the time of the Second Temple
  6. A founder of the Zealots along with Judas of Galilee

Contemporary people

Fictional people

Zadok Allen is a character in the H. P. Lovecraft story, The Shadow Over Innsmouth.


Zadok the Priest is an 18th century coronation anthem that was composed by Handel for the coronation of George II. It was regarded as a faux pas when the now Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, formerly Mary Donaldson of Taroona, Tasmania, chose the music for her wedding to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

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