Zabrze, Ger. Hindenburg, city (1992 est. pop. 202,800), Śląskie prov., S Poland. It is a railway junction in the Katowice mining and industrial region. Local coal deposits form the basis of Zabrze's coke and chemical industries. Founded in the 13th cent., Zabrze passed to Prussia in 1742. The city was renamed in 1915 in honor of German Field Marshal von Hindenburg; its old name was restored when it was ceded to Poland in 1945.
Zabrze (Hindenburg O.S. (1915-1945)) is a city in southern Poland with 194,041 inhabitants (2004). Zabrze is part of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union, the largest legally-recognized urban entity in Poland with a population of 2.2 mln. The population of the urban area is 3,487,000 (2004). Zabrze is situated in the Silesian Voivodship (since 1999); previously, it was in Katowice Voivodship (1975-1998).


Zabrze was first mentioned as Biskupice in 1243. Beginning in the Late Middle Ages, the local Silesian Piast dukes invited German settlers to the territory resulting in increasing Germanization of the area. Zabrze was inherited by the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria in 1526 and was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia during the 18th century Silesian Wars. In 1774 nearby Dorotheendorf settlement was founded. With the firs mine opened in Zabrze in 1790, the town became an important site for mining in 19th century. When Upper Silesia was partitioned between Poland and Germany in 1921, Zabrze remained in Germany. The settlement received its city charter in 1922.

Zabrze was renamed Hindenburg in 1915 to honor Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg; the new name was used until May 19, 1945. After the city became part of Poland in that year following World War II, the original name, Zabrze, was restored and most of the remaining German inhabitants were expelled according to the Potsdam Conference.


Members of Parliament (Sejm) elected from Bytom/Gliwice/Zabrze constituency

  • Chojnacki Jan, SLD-UP
  • Dulias Stanisław, Samoobrona
  • Gałażewski Andrzej, PO
  • Janik Ewa, SLD-UP
  • Kubica Józef, SLD-UP
  • Martyniuk Wacław, SLD-UP
  • Okoński Wiesław, SLD-UP
  • Szarama Wojciech, PiS
  • Szumilas Krystyna, PO
  • Widuch Marek, SLD-UP



Like other towns in this populous region, it is an important manufacturing centre, having coal-mines, iron, wire, glass, chemical and oil works, breweries, etc.

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