Yield may mean:

  • Crop yield, a measure of the output per unit area of land under cultivation
  • Maximum sustainable yield, the largest long-term fishery catch that can be safely taken
  • Rolled throughput yield, a statistical tool in Six Sigma
  • Yield (finance), a rate of return based on what the holder earns with direct incomes on a financial instrument or security
  • Dividend yield, the current or yield to maturity of common or preferred share dividends
  • Yield (aviation), the revenue an airline makes on each passenger for every kilometer/mile travelled
  • Yield (chemistry), the amount of product obtained in a chemical reaction
  • Yield (engineering), the permanent plastic deformation of a structure
    • Yield strength, an engineering term for the strain that a material can undergo before plastic deformation
  • in computer science, a point of return (and re-entry) of a coroutine
  • Yield (education), the percentage of prospective students offered admission to an educational institution that actually enroll at that school
  • Semiconductor fabrication yield, the proportion of devices produced which function correctly
  • Nuclear weapon yield, the amount of energy discharged when the weapon explodes
  • Specific yield, a ratio used to evaluate the groundwater production from an aquifer
  • Terminal yield, in formal language theory is the sequence of leaves encountered in an ordered walk of a tree structure
  • Wool Yield, refers to the amount of clean wool present in a greasy lot and is objectively measured.
  • Yield sign, a traffic sign controlling the give-way rules at an intersection (also called a give way sign)
  • an element in The Amazing Race, a U.S. reality game, where one team forces another to stop racing for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Yield (album), the fifth album from the band Pearl Jam
  • Yield Class, an expression of the productivity of a stand of timber.
  • Fission product yield

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