Paul Moss

Paul Raymond Moss is the general manager of Media Prima network's media portal and a judge in 8TV's One in a Million singing contest.

Moss was the AS A&R director of record company Positive Tone from its inception in 1994 until last year. Moss oversaw the transformation in Malaysian music that created whole new markets for English-language artistes and new genres of music.


Before settling in Malaysia, Moss, sometimes fondly addressed as Uncle Paul, was the song writer, guitarist and musical director for international pop band Aishah and The Fan Club.

The band originated from New Zealand and comprised of five members. They were Paul Moss himself on guitars, Malcolm Smith on keyboards, Glenn Peters on Bass, Dave Larsen on drums and Aishah as their lead vocalist.

Aishah and The Fan Club were a big hit in 1990 when they ralbum Sensation which had three #1 singles in New Zealand and Malaysian charts. The hits were "Sensation", "Paradise" and "Call Me".

Their next album titled "Respect The Beat" also produced three hit singles such as "I Feel Love", "Never Gave Up On You" and the only single to actually debut in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts "Don't Let Me Fall Alone". The remixes for the song were also released and became one of the most played dance tunes during that time.

After the band split in 1993, Aishah went on her solo career and the rest of the members went back to New Zealand. Moss, however, returned and decided to settle down in Malaysia in 1995. He and Ahmad Izham Omar (who is today the CEO of 8TV, a Malaysian TV channel) formed their own music company called Positive Tone under the EMI label.

Paul Moss is responsible for artist signing, artistic direction, recording, production and content development at Positive Tone. Paul Moss is also a multi-award-winning music producer, songwriter and arranger. He has produced several gold and platinum releases and Anugerah Industri Malaysia (AIM) winners from OAG, Innuendo and Juliet the Orange. He has also worked with other recording artistes such as Too Phat, Ella and Nice Stupid yground.

Malaysian Idol

Alongside with Roslan Aziz and Fauziah Latiff, Paul Moss is one of the judges in Malaysian Idol, a singing competition that is part of the Idol series that first started as Pop Idol. Moss expresses his opinions on Malaysian Idol harshly, often causing himself to be compared to Simon Cowell. He was a judge in the first Asian Idol held in Indonesia, representing Malaysian Idol.

One in a Million

Paul Moss is currently a judge on the reality television series One in a Million alongside Syafinaz Selamat. Moss's job is similar to his previous role in Malaysian Idol.

Media portals

Moss was also appointed as Media Prima Network Media Portals Super General Manager.


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