Yerba mansa

Yerba mansa

Yerba mansa or lizard tail (Anemopsis californica) is a perennial flowering plant within the family Saururaceae. It is the only species in the monotypic genus Anemopsis. It is native to southwestern North America. The conic white 'flowers' (actually reduced inflorescences, or pseudanthia) are borne in early spring, and are surrounded by 4-9 large white bracts. As it matures, the visible part of the plant develops red stains, eventually turning bright red in the fall .

Yerba mansa means "calming herb" in Spanish (yerba = "herb"; mansa = "calm or tranquil").

Medicinal Uses

Yerba mansa is used as an antimicrobial, an antibacterial, and to treat vaginal candidiasis.


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