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Y class lifeboat

Y Class Lifeboat
General characteristics
Length: 3m
No. of crew: 2
Propulsion: Mariner 15hp outboard
Max. Speed: 15 knots
Range: Within Visual range of ALB

The Y class lifeboat is a class of small inflatable boat operated by the RNLI of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Y-Class Lifeboat is mainly used as a small tender carried on board the RNLI All Weather lifeboats that serve the shores of the UK.

The Y class is normally found carried onboard:

When in use it carries up to a crew of 2 and is primarily used for assisting in cliff incidents where the casualty is near the water and the all-weather lifeboat can not get into the base of the cliffs due to rocks.

Other small boats operated by the RNLI include the Arancia class Beach Rescue boats, the X class lifeboat and the XP class lifeboat.

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