X terminal

X terminal

In computing, an X terminal is a thin client used to display X Window System applications. X terminals enjoyed a period of popularity in the early 1990s when they offered a lower total cost of ownership alternative to a full Unix workstation.

The X terminal runs an X server. (In X, the usage of "client" and "server" is from the viewpoint of the programs: the X server supplies a screen, keyboard and mouse to client programs.) This connects to an X display manager (introduced in X11R3) running on a central machine, using XDMCP (X Display Manager Control Protocol, introduced in X11R4).

Today, thin clients often have the ability to "speak" a range of remote desktop protocols, including X (due to the existence of free software implementations of multiple protocols); thus, the dedicated X terminal has been commercially obsoleted by more general-purpose thin clients, including PCs running X server software.

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