wugga wugga

Little Grunt and the Big Egg

Little Grunt and the Big Egg (A Prehistoric Fairy Tale) is picture book written and illustrated by the author of the Strega Nona series, Tomie dePaola.

The Grunt Tribe live in a big cave next to a volcano. When Little Grunt is told that the Ugga-Wugga Tribe is coming over for Sunday brunch the next day Mama Grunt orders him to find some eggs so that she can make an omelette. Little Grunt searches high and low and there are no eggs to be found anywhere. Just then he stumbles over the biggest egg he has ever seen. He carefully drags it home so that it doesn't break and shows it to his family. They are very impressed. The egg is left in front of the fire when all the Grunts go to bed. During the night they all wake up to a cracking and breaking noise and, in the hearth, they find a baby dinosaur amongst the broken egg shells. Little Grunt keeps the dinosaur, who he names "George", as a pet and so begins a strong friendship.

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