The term wrapper generally refers to a type of packaging, such as a flat sheet made out of paper, cellophane, or plastic to enclose an object.

In computing, it may also refer to:

  • Driver wrapper, software that functions as an adapter between an operating system and a driver
  • Primitive wrapper class, a computer term referring to a Java class in object-oriented programming
  • TCP Wrapper, software used for filtering network access
  • Wrapper pattern, where some computer programming code allows certain classes to work together that otherwise would not
  • Wrapper (data mining), a technique used in data mining

In other uses, it may refer to:

  • Wrapper (clothing), a woman's garment which is worn over nightwear or lingerie
  • Wrapper, the outer leaf of tobacco used in cigar making
  • Wrapper (fruit papers) The fruit growers own fruits packaging into it

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