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Wrap Me Up in Plastic

Wrap Me Up in Plastic is a 2000 album by Sugarcult. It features a few songs that were later released on their third album Start Static, as well as a cover of Elvis Costello's No Action.

It was later re-released in May 2002. 2000 copies of the album were available on the band's website and these were quickly snatched up by fans. The album had an improved tracklisting that included only old songs (pre start static; a selection of the best tracks from earlier album 'Eleven' and the original 'Wrap Me Up In Plastic') and new artwork featuring a yellow guitar and an inlay with pictures of the band and old gig flyers. The album still had a year 2000 copyright.

Track listing (original)

  1. "Say I'm Sorry"
  2. "Pretty Girl"
  3. "Saying Goodbye"
  4. "How Does It Feel"
  5. "Bruises"
  6. "I'm Alright"
  7. "First Band"
  8. "You're the One"
  9. "No Action"
  10. "Killing Me"
  11. "Over Now"
  12. "Drive All Day"
  13. "Bouncing Off The Walls"

Track listing (2002)

  1. "Over Now"
  2. "Say I'm Sorry"
  3. "Drive All Day"
  4. "Bruises"
  5. "Killing Me"
  6. "I'm Alright"
  7. "First Band On The Moon"
  8. "Make Up"
  9. "No Action"
  10. "SuperHyperSpastic"
  11. "Beautiful Stalker"
  12. "Yesterday"
  13. "Anna's Touch"
  14. "Christine"


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