Wrangle, Lincolnshire

Wrangle is a village in Lincolnshire, England, around 9 miles north-east of Boston.

Wrangle village lies on western side of The Wash, on the broad bank of marine silt left by the great tidal creeks which formed, predominantly during the Bronze Age, about 2,500 years ago. To seaward, the marsh has accreted over the centuries, a process hastened by artificial enclosure for pasture. As this progressed, the tide no longer flowed off the marsh twice a day to keep Wrangle Haven open. With its silting, the main feature of medieval Wrangle was lost. It had hitherto, been the third biggest harbour on this coast, after Swineshead (Bicker Haven) and Boston (The Haven).

Wrangle is one of eighteen parishes which, together with Boston, form the Borough of Boston in the county of Lincolnshire, England. The local government has been arranged in this way since the reorganization of April 1 1974, which resulted from the Local Government Act 1972. This parish forms part of the Old Leake and Wrangle electoral ward.

Hitherto, the parish had formed part of Boston Rural District, in the Parts of Holland. Holland was one of the three divisions (formally known as parts) of the traditional county of Lincolnshire. Since the Local Government Act of 1888, Holland had been in most respects, a county in itself.

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