worse for wear

No Worse for the Wear

No Worse for the Wear is a 1994 album, the third and last by Orange County pop punk band Big Drill Car. It is the only album without their classic original line-up, featuring new members Keith Fallis and Darrin Norris.

The songs "The Shake", "Nogaina", and "What You Believe" were featured, amongst other Cargo/Headhunter Records artists, in the 1997 Sony PlayStation game Courier Crisis.

After the album's release, the group officially disbanded sometime in 1995, then frontman Frank Daly and guitarist Mark Arnold moved on to form their next band project All Systems Go! at the same time. Big Drill Car would not reform until 2008, but they currently have no plans for a follow-up to this album.

Like many Big Drill Car albums, No Worse for the Wear is currently out of print.

Track listing
Track number Song name Duration
1 The Shake 2:27
2 Friend of Mine 3:14
3 Duck and Cover 1:22
4 Nagain 3:10
5 In Disguise 2:58
6 Crystal's Ball 2:35
7 Wondering 3:27
8 What You Believe 2:26
9 Thin White Line 2:41
10 Step Right Up 2:47
11 Yer Holdin 2:13
12 Hye 2:31


  • Frank Daly - Vocals
  • Mark Arnold - Guitar
  • Darrin Norris - Bass
  • Keith Fallis - Drums

Additional personnel

  • Bill Stevenson - Producer
  • Stephen Egerton - Producer
  • Jeff Powell - Engineer
  • Jeffrey Reed - Engineer
  • John Hampton - Mixing

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