worn down

Worn Down Piano

"Worn Down Piano" is a song by the North-American Mark & Clark Band, from their album Double Take. The song is written in 1977 by Clark and Mark Seymour, twin brothers. It was released as a single.

The length of the song is 8:10.

The lyrics are about a piano that's being bid for on an auction.

The song starts in 6/8 time. When the piano starts playing, the structure changes to a 4/4 time.

This song is always positioned in the top 100 of the Dutch Top 2000, the 2000 best songs according to the Dutch radio public.


  • Clark Seymour, Piano, Vocals
  • Mark Seymour, Piano, Vocals
  • Allan Schwartzberg, Drums
  • Crusher, Percussion
  • Elliott Randall, Guitar
  • Frank Owens, Keyboards
  • Hugh McCracken, Guitar
  • Jimmy Maelen, Percussion
  • Jimmy Young, Drums
  • John Tropea, Guitar
  • Ken Bichell, Synthesizer
  • Kenneth Bichel, Synthesizer
  • Paul Shaffer, Keyboards
  • Will Lee, Bass

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