David Lowery

David Lowery (born September 10, 1960) is an American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter; he is the founder of alternative rock band, Camper Van Beethoven, and co-founder of the more traditional rock band, Cracker.

Lowery was born in San Antonio, Texas, the son of a career Air Force father. His family moved around a great deal during his youth before finally settling in Redlands, California, where he attended high school. Lowery formed Camper Van Beethoven in Santa Cruz, California. The band is best known for their cover of the Status Quo song "Pictures of Matchstick Men" from the Key Lime Pie LP and their original composition "Take the Skinheads Bowling" from the band's 1985 debut LP, Telephone Free Landslide Victory, later featured in the Michael Moore movie Bowling for Columbine.

In the early 1990s, Lowery formed Cracker with guitarist and long-time friend Johnny Hickman, and bassist Davey Faragher. Cracker rejected the roots-rock sound of Camper Van Beethoven in favor of a more traditional rock sound. Cracker's biggest hits were "Teen Angst" (What the World Needs Now) from its eponymous LP released in 1992, and "Low" from 1993's Kerosene Hat. Cracker continues to perform today to a loyal following of fans, although Lowery has also re-formed Camper Van Beethoven, which released an interesting cover of the entire Fleetwood Mac album Tusk in 2002.

Lowery has also done work as a producer at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia, working on records by Sparklehorse, Counting Crows, Lauren Hoffman, September 67, Wormburner, L.P.(, Tea Leaf Green, and others.

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