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World Cancer Research Fund

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), also known as World Cancer Research Fund International, is a cancer research umbrella organization based in London, England.

It operates branches in the United States (the American Institute for Cancer Research), the United Kingdom (World Cancer Research Fund UK), the Netherlands (Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fonds), Germany (Weltkrebsforschungsfonds) and Hong Kong (World Cancer Research Fund Hong Kong).

In November 2007, the WCRF published 'Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective', ISBN: 978-0-9722522-2-5, and freely downloadable from its website. This 537-page analysis is designed to be an authoritative compendium on the origins of cancer. The WCRF sees it as leading to concrete recommendations for public policy and it will be publishing a policy report in 2008.

The report is the result of a five-year process that has seen teams of scientists around the world sifting through 500,000 studies on the link between cancer and diet, physical activity and weight, before identifying the 7,000 most relevant. A panel of 21 world-renowned experts, chaired by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, then made recommendations.

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