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On Our Way Up

On Our Way Up is one of several unauthorized releases of early Doobie Brothers demos (1970). This material, or various subsets of it, has also been released as Introducing The Doobie Brothers and Excitement, among other titles. Releases that include all 13 tracks are worth seeking out by fans.

Track listing

  1. "By Yourself" (Simmons) – 2:48
  2. "Make It Easy" (Johnston) – 2:54
  3. "Quicksilver Princess" (Johnston) – 2:18
  4. "Blue Jay" (Johnston) – 4:42
  5. "Coke Can Changes" (Johnston) – 3:24
  6. "Runaround Ways" (Simmons) – 2:45
  7. "Pauper's Diary" (Johnston) – 3:24
  8. "I'll Keep on Givin'" (Johnston) – 3:27
  9. "Excitement" (Johnston) – 4:00
  10. "Another Way" (Johnston) – 2:29
  11. "Song to J.C." (Johnston) – 2:54
  12. "On Our Way Up" (Johnston, Simmons) – 3:39
  13. "Tilted Park Crud Hunchery" (Johnston, Simmons) – 7:57

Except for "Blue Jay," a different recording of which appears on the box set Long Train Runnin', none of these songs appear on any official Doobie Brothers releases. Most of the tune to "I'll Keep On Givin'" was later used for "Another Park, Another Sunday" (from What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits). "Tilted Park Crud Hunchery" (or Munchery?) is unique in that it includes a short lead vocal by bassist Dave Shogren.


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