Mount Finke

Mount Finke
Elevation: 369 metres AHD
Location: South Australia

Mount Finke is a monadnock in the Yellabinna Region, near Ceduna in South Australia. It has a locally diverse flora and fauna, including 266 plant species. The open shrubland occurs on thin soils over quartzite with the most common species including Victoria Spring Mallee (Eucalyptus trivialis), Mulga (Acacia aneura), Ooldea Mallee (Eucalyptus youngiana) and Porcupine Grass (Triodia irritans). Grevillea treueriana is endemic to the Mount Finke area. Fauna species include the Euro (Macropus robustus), Little Rock Dragon (Ctenophorus fionii) and Little Wood Swallow (Artamus minor).


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