NWA World Women's Championship

The NWA World Women's Championship is the National Wrestling Alliance's women's singles professional wrestling title. It is descended from the original Women's World title won by Mildred Burke in 1937. June Byers was then recognized as the succeeding champion after her match with Mildred Burke in 1954 went to a no contest. Upon June Byers' retirement in 1964, it was held primarily (and operated) by Lillian Ellison under her ring name, The Fabulous Moolah, who first won the championship in a tournament in 1956. In 1983, the title was sold by Ellison to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where it became the WWF Women's Championship. The World Wrestling Federation recognized Moolah as the reigning champion but did not recognize any of the title changes that had occurred since Moolah was first awarded the title. The NWA continued the title without Moolah after her title was renamed the WWF Women's Title. It is still defended in the NWA today. |

Title history

Title history

Silver-shaded lines in the history indicate periods of unknown lineage.
Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Mildred Burke 1 January 1937 Defeats Clara Mortenson to win the original Women's World Title.
June Byers 1 August 20, 1954 Atlanta, Georgia
The commission stopped the match between Burke and Byers at the end of the second fall, stripped Burke of the title, and awarded it to Byers; Byers had also won a 13-woman world championship tournament in June 14, 1953 in Baltimore, Maryland. Burke sets up the WWWA World Title and continued to recognize herself as the "Women's World Champion". Byers continued to be recognized as NWA Champion until she retired in January 1964.
Penny Banner # 1964

The Fabulous Moolah 1 1960s Baltimore, MD Defeated Judy Grable in a tournament final on September 18, 1956, although June Byers still held claim to the NWA Women's Championship after supposedly beating Burke three years earlier. Officially recognized as champion by NWA sometime after Byers retired in January 1964.
Betty Boucher 1 September 17, 1966 Seattle, WA
The Fabulous Moolah 2 October 14, 1966 Unknown
Yukiko Tomoe 1 March 10, 1968 Osaka, JA
The Fabulous Moolah 3 April 2, 1968 Hamamatsu, JA
Sue Green 1 February 2, 1976 New York, NY
The Fabulous Moolah 4 March 5, 1976 New York, NY
Evelyn Stevens 1 October 8, 1978 Dallas, TX
The Fabulous Moolah 5 October 10, 1978 Fort Worth, TX
WWF withdraws from NWA in 1983, and Moolah sold the title to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The WWF recognizes Moolah as champion but does not acknowledge previous title changes: see WWE Women's Championship.
Debbie Combs 1 April 10, 1987 Kansas City, MO
Malia Hosaka 1 May 9, 1996 Johnson City, TN
Debbie Combs 2 May 10, 1996 Fall Branch, TN
Stripped October 1996 Title stripped
Strawberry Fields 1 October 14, 2000 Nashville, TN Defeated Leilani Kai at the NWA 52nd Anniversary Show
Vacated November 2000 Fields vacated the title due to injury.
Madison 1 August 23, 2002 Surrey, BC Defeated Bam Bam Bambi
Char Starr 1 October 26, 2002 Corpus Christi, TX
Madison 2 December 6, 2002 Port Coquitlam, BC
Leilani Kai 1 March 12, 2003 Nashville, TN
Stripped June 19, 2004 Stripped after several no-shows
Kiley McLean 1 June 19, 2004 Richmond, VA Defeated Kameo
Lexie Fyfe 1 April 23, 2005 Richmond, VA
Christie Ricci 1 October 8, 2005 Nashville, TN Won the title at the NWA 57th Anniversary Show, where she defeated Fye and Tasha Simone in a 3-way match.
MsChif 1 January 27, 2007 Lebanon, TN
Amazing Kong 1 May 5, 2007 Streamwood, IL Amazing Kong's AWA World Women's Championship was also on the line.
MsChif 2 April 27, 2008 Cape Girardeau, MO Stipulations for the match included that the title could change hands via countout. Kong was counted out of the ring and lost the title.

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