Woe Is Me

Woe Is Me

Woe Is Me is the twelfth serial in the United States children's television series My Little Pony.


The Little Ponies provide shelter to Woebegone, a wandering hobo who brings bad luck and disaster wherever he goes.


Part 1

At the Paradise Estate, Posey is surprised to find a refugee in her garden - a tiny green hobo with a four-leafed clover in his hat and a personal raincloud hovering over his head. His name is Woebegone, and he's hiding from a massive Alligatorsaur, which appears and asks for his whereabouts. Posey claims to have seen nothing, and the other Little Ponies demand to know why he's chasing a tiny creature. The Alligatorsaur says they'll find out when they meet the hobo, and departs, destroying much of the garden in his wake.

Woebegone also tries to leave, saying it's his fault the beast came, but Gingerbread insists he stay with the Baby Ponies in the Lullabye Nursery. Woebegone supposes that with his bad luck, the building will collapse - and as predicted, the roof of the Lullabye Nursery caves in that night. Along with the Baby Ponies, Woebegone is relocated to the Paradise Estate, where he explains his predicament.

When Woebegone was a child, his village was also home to a witch. One day, his friends decided to dump the witch into her own cauldron, but she knew their intention and froze them with magic. Woebegone tried to protect his friends, but ended up knocking the witch into the cauldron and falling in after her. At this point Woebegone's story is interrupted as the Paradise Estate's wall collapses.

The next morning, the Ponies discover Woebegone has sneaked out. Ribbon, Masquerade and Gingerbread manage to find him and persuade him to return to the Estate. As soon as he does, a mudslide rolls past the Ponies, dragging Baby Shady away...

Part 2

After Masquerade narrowly saves Baby Shady from drowning, Woebegone runs away once more. Ribbon, Masquerade and Gingerbread follow his path of destruction, finding him at the site of a huge forest fire. He insists they leave to protect themselves, but Gingerbread asks him to finish his story.

Woebegone remembers the witch placing a curse on him to teach him a lesson, which began a series of increasingly unfortunate events. Without him touching it, an apple cart turns over, and then a tree falls, crushing the entire apple store. Before long the entire town has flooded, and its residents drive Woebegone out, calling him a jinx. The Ponies suggest the events were caused by Woebegone's own belief in his bad luck - the real curse was to bring Woebegone's fears to life. Cautiously, Woebegone says that he's not bad luck - and is surprised when nothing bad happens in response. When he says it again, the raincloud over his head vanishes, and the witch from the cauldron appears, congratulating him. The burned forest is instantly restored, along with the Paradise Estate and everything else affected by the curse. A delighted Woebegone heads home, tripping as he goes - but he gets up laughing, saying it could happen to anyone.


  • Includes the songs 'Little Hobo' and 'If I Don't Go Now'
  • When Lickety Split says nonsense at Masquerade, Masquerade talks with Gingerbread's voice.

DVD Releases

  • Region 1: Disc 3 of My Little Pony: The Complete First Season
  • Region 4: Woe is Me & Little Piece of Magic & Flight to Cloud Castle

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