Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968, American poet, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., grad. Harvard, 1902. As a poet Bynner had a remarkable facility for catching the cadences of other writers and cultures. Under the pseudonym Emanuel Morgan he collaborated with Arthur Davidson Ficke in writing Spectra (1917), a book parodying contemporary poetic vogues such as imagism; Spectra was for a time considered a serious work (see literary frauds). With Dr. Kaing Kung-Ho, Bynner translated 300 Chinese poems published in The Jade Mountain (1929). His other works include several plays and essays; a reminiscence of D. H. Lawrence, Journey with Genius (1951); and such volumes of poetry as Grenstone Poems (1917), Indian Earth (1929), Selected Poems (1943), Take Away the Darkness (1947), and New Poems (1960).
Witter is a surname, and may refer to:Persons

  • Cherie Witter (b. 1963), American model and actress; Playboy Playmate 1985
  • Dean G. Witter (1887–1969), American businessman; founder of Dean Witter & Co.
  • Jim Witter (b. 1964), Canadian country music and Christian music singer and songwriter
  • Junior Witter (b. 1974), English professional boxer
  • Karen Witter (b. 1961), American model and actress
  • Lisa Witter (contemporary), author
  • Rick Witter (b. 1972), English Britpop singer
  • Tony Witter (b. 1965), English professional football playerFictional characters
  • Pacey Witter, character on the American television series Dawson’s Creek

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