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Rhyme & Reason

Rhyme & Reason is the second album by American new wave band Missing Persons, released in 1984. After the successful debut album by the band, this LP fell flat in sales. The pleasant-sounding "Surrender Your Heart" was its signature single. A video was created for it featuring animations from famous artist Peter Max and received heavy rotation on MTV, but the track was largely ignored by AOR radio. "Give" and "Right Now" were also released as singles, and videos made for both received airplay on MTV. Missing Persons embarked on a successful tour, but the album quickly fell off the sales charts.

Track listing

  1. "The Closer That You Get" (Dale Bozzio, Terry Bozzio, Warren Cuccurullo) – 4:54
  2. "Give" (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo, Patrick O'Hearn) – 4:54
  3. "Now Is the Time (For Love)" (T. Bozzio) – 3:40
  4. "Surrender Your Heart" (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo, O'Hearn) – 4:22
  5. "Clandestine People" (T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 3:00
  6. "Right Now" (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio) – 3:29
  7. "All Fall Down" (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio) – 3:23
  8. "Racing Against Time" (T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 3:24
  9. "Waiting for a Million Years" (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 5:23
  10. "If Only for the Moment" (T. Bozzio, O'Hearn) – 3:47
  11. "Fight for Life" [instrumental/*/#] (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 5:21
  12. "Action Reaction" [*/#] (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 2:53
  13. "Windows" [Live 1981/*] (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio) – 4:59
  14. "I Like Boys" [Live 1981/*] (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 2:53
  15. "Here and Now" [Live 1981/*] (D. Bozzio, T. Bozzio, Cuccurullo) – 3:14
  16. "Walking in L.A." [Live 1981/*] (T. Bozzio) – 4:05

* bonus tracks on CD
# previously unreleased



  • Producers: Terry Bozzio, Bruce Swedien
  • Mastering: Kit Watkins
  • Art direction: Larry Vigon
  • Design: Larry Vigon
  • Photography: Bob Leafe, Helmut Newton
  • Liner notes: Ken Sharp


Album - Billboard (North America)
Year Chart Position
1984 The Billboard 200 43

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1984 "Give" The Billboard Hot 100 67

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