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List of Hill Street Blues episodes

This is a list of episodes for Hill Street Blues. The series first aired on NBC in 1981 and ran for 146 episodes into 1987.

Original US air dates

Date Time
January 1981 Thursday 8:00-9:00/Saturday 10:00-11:00
January 1981-April 1981 Thursday 8:00-9:00
April 1981-August 1981 Tuesday 9:00-10:00
October 1981-September 1986 Thursday 10:00-11:00
September 1986-February 1987 Tuesday 10:00-11:00
March 1987-May 1987 Tuesday 9:00-10:00

Season 1: 1981

No. Episode Air Date Overview
1 Hill Street Station 1/15/1981 A hostage situation arises in Captain Furillo's precinct. Public defender Joyce Davenport is looking for her client, lost due to bureaucratic mismanagement. Officers Hill and Renko are shot in the line of duty.
  • the episode was awarded an Edgar for Best Teleplay from a Series

2 Presidential Fever 1/17/1981 Furillo is not pleased by the proposed visit of the US President to Hill Street. Meanwhile his emerging relationship with Joyce Davenport is floundering. Hill and Renko return to work. Grace Gardner arrives to redecorate, and has her eye at once on Sgt Esterhaus. Belker solves a series of rapes and captures two rapists - but the main suspect remains at large.
3 Politics as Usual 1/22/1981 Negotiations continue with the gangs over the Presidential visit. Hill and Renko split as partners. Corrupt detective Sergeant Ralph Macafee is introduced, and LaRue is challenged by a massive bribe. The audience is introduced to Belker's growling, and his mother.
4 Can World War III Be An Attitude? 1/24/1981 The Presidential visit is cancelled, leading to gang warfare, and a tense moment as the station house appears to be besieged. LaRue, under suspension, is investigated for corruption, and referred to the DA for prosecution. Grace Gardner begins her 'campaign' to win over Sgt Esterhaus. 'Malibu' (a talented car thief and mechanic) is arrested by Hill & Renko, but released after mending most of the patrol cars and the station plumbing and electrics.
5 Double Jeopardy 1/29/1981 Many of the male stars appear in drag in an attempt to trap the serial rapist; they are successful, but Bates is hospitalized. Sgt Esterhaus struggles with his two women, Cindy and Grace. Sgt Macaffee's secret is finally uncovered - he has two wives and two families. His resulting corruption is uncovered, and saves LaRue from dismissal or prosecution.
6 Film at Eleven 2/5/1981 A film crew shadows the precinct, and takes a patrol with Hill and Renko. LaRue and Washington discover the gun used in the Hill/Renko shooting (pilot episode). Hunter appears for the first time as a Lieutenant, although he remains in the uniform of a Sergeant in the opening credits until the start of the fourth series. No direct reference is made to his promotion.
7 Choice Cut 2/12/1981 Hector (a 15-year old repeat offended, for whom Furillo has a soft spot) takes hostages in an armed robbery; Furillo talks the situation to an end, preventing Hunter from deploying a massive arsenal of high-powered weaponry. Renko & Hill steal a large piece of meat, only to have it stolen from them by LaRue & Washington. The TV crew continues to cause trouble. There are questions about whether Renko has correctly identified his shooter. Men are still being kidnapped and stripped naked by three prostitutes in a black van.
8 Up in Arms 2/19/1981 Esterhaus goes out to meet a dangerous criminal, convicted on his evidence, now released from prison, only to find that his nemesis has taken to religion, and is seeking forgiveness from Esterhaus. Santini and Harris encounter the black van and attempt to apprehend the three prostitutes without calling for assistance; as a result, Harris is murdered. The alleged shooter of Renko & Hill is released without charge.
9 Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind 2/26/1981 The TV presentation is favourable to Hill Street. The alleged shooter of Hill & Renko makes a confession, but Hill remains unconvinced, and distanced from Renko. Belker's love life suffers a set-back. Following the death of Harris, Officer Santini resigns to pursue his passion for cabinet making.
10 Gatorbait 3/5/1981 Commander Swanson has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Police. Furillo and Ed Chappell are the two Captains competing to be the new Commander. Hunter and the EAT are in the sewers on the annual alligator hunt, when LaRue and Washington play a joke on them. Fay Furillo is receiving abusive telephone calls.
11 Life, Death, Eternity 3/12/1981 Marvin (Marv) Box, the station handyman, dies aged 32, leaving no relatives, and causing much reflection by the other characters. Fay's stalker becomes bolder, entering her home. Furillo takes on a possibly corrupt City Councilman, despite the potential to damage his promotion to Commander. Esterhaus informs Furillo that in the light of his possible promotion out of the Precinct, certain other officers have requested to leave: one retirement, plus transfer requests from 17 detectives and 28 uniformed officers. Lt Hunter produces a model of the PANDA (urban tank) with relish, whilst Furillo is upset by its proposed used in 'Sniper Alley'; however, Chief Daniels has already authorised the deployment.
12 I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin 3/19/1981 The investigation of Councilman McAuley is successful, and he is charged; but given his influential friends, Furillo loses any chance of promotion to Commander. Esterhaus reveals (to Goldblume) that Cindy is only just 18. His other girlfriend (Grace) is considerably more mature, but he needs both. Hunter receives his PANDA (urban tank), but whilst lunching with a squad of EAT officers and two Japanese businessmen (from the PANDA's manufacturers) it is stolen, stripped, gutted, and dumped in the East River. Fay's telephone stalker is caught - a patient of Harvey. Transfer requests had topped 75, and everyone at the Hill is relieved that their Captain will not be promoted away from them.
13 Fecund Hand Rose 3/26/1981 Lives are threatened as a mystery sniper takes a shot at Macafee and the officers protecting him; Goldblume, under fire for the first time, is particularly unnerved. Esterhaus is shocked when Grace bears all in the roll-call room. Later she turns up at his wedding to Cindy, prompting him to faint, and leaving the wedding postponed.
14 Rites of Spring (1) 5/19/1981 Officers Mike Perez and Joe Coffey both have their first major roles in this episode; both were to be regulars for the next 4 years. There is a major clash between their respective partners (Cooper and Bates). Goldblume, reflecting on his son's illness and his clashes with narcotics colleagues, decides to resign, but Furillo persuades him to reflect further. Esterhaus is back with Grace, and marriage to Cindy is cancelled. LaRue has an increasing problem with alcohol dependency, which leads to a near disaster for Belker, under cover, when he requests back-up from LaRue. Weeks, a racist narcotics officer, shoots a black suspect (legitimately) in the final scene.
15 Rites of Spring (2) 5/19/1981 Whilst everyone persues Weeks, he finds an unlikely ally in Washington, who believes his story. LaRue's drinking problem intensifies, and Furillo puts him on notice. Fay is mugged in the street.
16 Jungle Madness (1) 5/26/1981 Everyone is still out to get Weeks, and even Furillo begins to question him; only Washington defends him. Davenport still wants to keep her relationship with Furillo secret. Esterhaus has a birthday, but doen't like his belly dancing surprise gift, which interrupts roll call. LaRue's drinking nearly kills him and Washington, and Furillo gives him an ultimatum.
17 Jungle Madness (2) 5/26/1981 At the eleventh hour Washington finds the evidence to save Weeks, proving him innocent. Chief Daniels, who had already written off Weeks, is greatly displeased, and tempers flare between him and Capt Furillo. LaRue reaches rock bottom and finally walks into his first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous - only to find Furillo also in attendance (a theme that was to recur strongly throughout all seven seasons). Coffey is shot during a vehicle stop. In the original version (now hard to obtain) he dies instantly. In the remade version (now broadcast as the repeat, and also the version available on video release) he is gravely injured, but recovers to return to the second season.

Season 2: 1981-1982

No. Episode Air Date Overview
18 Hearts and Minds 10/29/1981 Coffey is on his 10th day back at work after the shooting. A missing 7 year old boy has a huge team searching throughout the episode, including Bates, Coffey, Renko, Hill, and Perez, but it is Goldblume who finally locates the child. A thieving orangutan and its owner are arrested. Esterhaus is worn out by Grace Gardner and trying to distance himself from her, without success. Detective Ben Lambert (Charles Guardino) is accused of sexual assault during an arrest. Furillo celebrates his 40th birthday, and both Fay and Davenport ask to spend the night with him; he chooses Davenport, but having demanded more in their relationship, he ends the episode alone. Jesus Martinez makes his first appearance.
19 Blood Money 11/5/1981 The orangutan is still in the station, and Belker leads a successful raid to recover stolen military weaponry, in an otherwise relationship-dominated episode. Goldblume (who is married), undercover as a cab driver, meets a new lady friend; Furillo and Davenport meet socially at an art exhibition, with other partners; Esterhaus formally breaks up with Grace; Hunter asks Grace on a date, and ends up heading towards the desired night of passion; Goldblume throws caution to the wind, and ends the episode back with his new friend in her apartment.
20 The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue 11/12/1981 The eponymous hero of the episode is a widower defending his property from immigrant neighbours who have already killed his dog; unfortunately, carried away, he produces a shotgun and kills a teenage boy, leading to a siege, ended by Goldblume's brave intervention. In the other main storyline, Detective Brooks is murdered by the Black Arrow, leading to the arrest of John Jesse Hudson, their leader, posing as a respectable politician. Goldblume's affair is discovered by his wife, who throws him out and ends their marriage. Hunter is forced to admit failure in his proposed night of passion with Grace Gardner, due to what Furillo calls "an equipment failure". Esterhaus spends the night with Margaret, his estranged wife "just sleeping".
21 The Second Oldest Profession 11/19/1981 The title comes from 'Operation Jezebel', uniformed officers and EAT rounding up prostitutes on the Hill. Hudson arrives at court to face Furillo, but is assassinated by his former lawyer, still bearing the scars of the beating he gave her. Macallister comes out as gay to Esterhaus, and makes a pass at him - ruining Esterhaus's first lunch break outside the station since he came to the Precinct "three years ago". Esterhaus and Gardner, Furillo and Davenport, and the two Goldblumes, all get back together.
22 Fruits of the Poisonous Tree 12/3/1981 When LaRue and Washington arrest Maxwell Jenkins (Essex Smith) a cat and mouse game begins between police and Joyce Davenport, resulting in Jenkins (a serial mugger preying on elderly people) being released, due to a legal concept known as "Fruits of the Poisonous Tree". Grace briefly thinks she is pregnant, much to the delight of Esterhaus - and his dismay when it proves untrue. Bates shoots and kills a 14 year old boy (who had first fired on her), himself the murderer of a 10 year old girl, leading many officer to reflective contemplation.
23 Cranky Streets 12/10/1981 Officers Gerry Nash and Estella Sanchez, transferring from other precincts, are assigned to Hill and Renko for local training. Hill and Nash formerly served together at Jefferson Heights Precinct, and Nash starts well, rescuing two people from a burning car. Later, at a violent incident, Nash uses excessive force and seriously wounds a suspect, for which Hill later covers, also persuading Renko, Bates, and Coffey to do likewise. Coffey encounters childhood friends, whilst patrolling his old neighbourhood, and arrests one of them. A strike looms as the City Council fails to meet police pay and conditions demands.
24 Chipped Beef 12/17/1981 William Teacher, a friendly and helpful black father and husband, saves Renko from a serious assault and Washington & LaRue from a mob - yet is arrested due to an outstanding warrant, 5 years old, from a different state. The officers are indignant and demand his release - something Furillo initially refuses, but finally arranges. In the initial scene with teacher (15 minutes into the episode) Hill uses an early example (1981 broadcast date) of the techno-intransigent catchphrase "Computer says no". Furillo talks to the officers covering for Nash and persuades them to change their statements and tell the truth; this leads Nash to resign. Belker has an undercover encounter with the new phenomenon of ATM cash machines - and catches the culprits involved. On the personal front Washington and his girlfriend Jill (Lynn Whitfield) have a hiccup and a reconciliation. Fay's new fiancé collapses and dies at a public lunch, in front of Furillo and Hunter. She is comforted by Davenport - their first formal meeting.
25 The World According to Freedom 1/7/1982 An unidentified street gang tortures and murders several innocent people in an extended robbery and Furillo responds angrily against all the gangs. Belker's petrol station undercover operation is ruined by the well-intentioned 'Captain Freedom', who fancies himself as a superhero, and dresses in a red lycra suit and green shorts and elbow pads, with a red leather cap and goggles. The downstairs holding cells are refurbished, and at once a prisoner tries to hang himself in them.
26 Pestolozzi's Revenge 1/14/1982 Chief Daniels is concerned about corruption in the South Ferry Precinct and asks Furillo to set up a fake saloon there; Furillo is dismayed that when he appears before the politically-motivated corruption commission, plans (and the details of his private conversation with Daniels) appear to be known. As just part of a very bad day, Renko crashes two patrol cars, and has to confess to having his police revolver stolen whilst he was engaged in illegal gambling. Coffey is discovered to have engaged in sexual activity with a married woman, whilst standing up Bates - she is unforgiving. Captain Freedom continues his anti-crime campaign.
27 The Spy Who Came in From Delgado 1/21/1982 Corruption-spotting is still the central feature of Department life as the Sullivan Commission continues. A filing clerk transferred from Division seems friendly but inefficient, leading Callatano to uncover her as a detective, sent by Daniels to spy on the Precinct. She is sent away, but has already discovered the truth of Officer Arthur Delgado, kept on the books as a "paper soldier" (Furillo) to achieve 20 years service for his pension, having suffered burnout after 19.5 exemplary years on the force. Captain Freedom continues shadowing Belker to "help and protect" him.
28 Freedom's Last Stand 1/28/1982 Goldblume goes undercover to solve a purse snatching, and gets badly beaten, yet successfully apprehends the purse snatcher. Furillo testifies again before the Sullivan Commission and offers his resignation to Chief Daniels, who has clearly set him up. Daniels refuses the resignation and agrees to restore Delgado to 30 years service for pension purposes. Still successfully entrapping corrupt officers in South Ferry, the fake saloon is raided by armed robbers - in the ensuing shoot-out Captain Freedom is fatally wounded, and dies in Belker's arms. After 30 hours of successful gambling, Bates loses out in the final game of the 10th annual inter-precinct Poker tournament.
29 Of Mouse and Man 2/11/1982 The title comes from Belker's pet mouse, Micky, who is accidentally killed by Coffey during the episode. Public Defender Pam Gilliam is murdered (much to the distress of Davenport), but following a joint sweep of the Royal Blood gang by EAT and uniform, the murder weapon is recovered by Hunter, Schmeltzer, and Ballantine. In his absence, Hill is elected Vice President of the Black Officers' Coalition (BOC) (proposed by Lt Cleveland), leading to a strained relationship with Renko. Goldblume pursues a complaint against a vicious and uncaring landlord in a decaying apartment block.
30 Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement 2/18/1982 The Gilliam murder suspects are released on a legal technicality. LaRue drinks and almost ruins a major drugs bust. Goldblume loses his patience with the corrupt landlord and uses force to make his point. Renko has a temporary partner (just transferred from Washington Heights Precinct) who lets him down badly, whilst Hill is busy with BOC work. Esterhaus discovers more about Grace's prolific sex life.
31 The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded 2/25/1982 Gilliam's murderer is finally caught - but only after he has been released and killed his own accomplice for alleged disloyalty. Furillo sends LaRue to work in the motor pool and warns that he intends to recommend dismissal. Hill resigns as Vice President of the BOC.
32 Some Like it Hot-Wired 3/18/1982 A successful bust of car thieves gives the episode it's title. In the opening scenes Furillo receives retirement threats from three of his senior staff: Sgt Esterhaus (whose car has been stolen overnight), Sgt Goldblume (who has missed out on promotion, apparently because a black promotion candidate was needed), and Lt Callatano (whose pay deductions have left him with a monthly income of just $9). Sgt Chesley receives his promotion to Lieutenant, precipitating Goldblume's depression. Goldblume compensates by going out on an undercover operation, where he is shot, the bullet just missing his heart. Davenport narrowly avoids contempt of court when she suddenly refuses to defend her client - a reaction to the Gilliam murder. Renko visits his father in hospital and learns that Renko Sr is riddled with cancer, and has a short time to live.
33 Personal Foul 3/25/1982 Belker and Washington are undercover at an adult movie cinema. A redundant housing authority cop takes his parter and child hostage. Goldblume returns to work and announces his divorce. The precinct plays basketball against a mixed team of gang members. A final second victory is denied when someone in the crowd shoots the ball (with a gun).
34 Shooter 5/6/1982 Halloran and Tubbs are shot (the former fatally) with a weapon which had been in police custody. Officer Wallins (Ben Slack) of the Property Department admits to selling the piece to his brother-in-law, thus beginning a mammoth process of tracing the weapon. LaRue, who is incidentally involved via the motor pool, proves key to the trace. John Renko (Officer Renko's father) returns to hospital after his spine collapses, and prepares to die. Hill Street hosts a weapons convention, at which Hunter urges the chief officer of the EAT (Commander Remmington) to increase his weapons budget - Furillo is indignant at the suggestion.
35 Invasion of the Third World Body Snatchers 5/13/1982 John Renko dies, but the van containing his body is stolen from outside the funeral home. Later the abandoned corpse is discovered by Bates, Coffey, and Belker. Commander Lakeland continues to pester Bates, who has called off their relationship after discovering that Lakeland is married. Furillo and Davenport finally depart on holiday, after Joyce successfully clears a man falsely accused of rape.

Season 3: 1982-1983

No. Episode Air Date Overview
36 Trial by Fury 9/30/1982 Sgt Esterhaus appears only at roll call; it is explained that he will be spending each daytime training cadets (in fact actor Michael Conrad was increasingly ill and unable to act). Officer Jock Buchanan appears for the first time promoted to Corporal. The murder of shopkeeper Rodriguez is overshadowed (and unsolved) by the rape and murder of a nun by two black men. They are caught and finally confess, chiefly to avoid being released uncharged into the angry mob awaiting them. Callatano faces up to an IRS tax audit. Belker arrests Eddie Gregg - his first encounter with the young male prostitute, destined to have a profound effect upon the detective.
37 Domestic Beef 10/7/1982 Bates and Coffey find a bull in a 5th floor apartment, but Hill and Renko preside over the disaster of trying to return it to ground level in a sling under the police helicopter. Captain Hogan (Jefferson Heights) is found guilty of misconduct at Furillo's insistence by a Board of Rights because he could not control corruption in his precinct. Hogan later crashed the 25th anniversary dinner of Chief Daniels, makes an impromptu speech, then goes home and kills himself. Goldblume, undercover as an ice-cream salesman, arrests a 15 year old robber. Belker, on the same operation, forgets his mother's birthday. LaRue is turned down for a security job in the Bahamas, and is furious that the job is offered to Washington instead.
38 Heat Rash 10/14/1982 The heatwave continues. A gang meeting to discuss participation in the Hollywood movie, proves a success. Fay begins work as a crime reporter, thanks to a press pass issued by Chief Daniels. The Chief orders Furillo to get rid of Goldblume, convinced he is corrupt - Furillo, naturally, resists. Councilman Detweiler is arrested (again) for drink driving, but is released (again) on the orders of Chief Daniels. Hunter heads into hospital with a tumour, fearing he has cancer.
39 Rain of Terror 10/21/1982 Officers Coley and Lyle, prominent figures of early series 3 episodes who had looked like new regulars, are discovered (by LaRue and Washington) to be corrupt - both are arrested and suspended. Furillo defies Chief Daniels in supporting Goldblume, and incurs the Chief's wrath. Hunter's tumour is discovered to be benign, although he has already discussed his funeral plans with Furillo. Renko meets a lovely woman on his birthday and spends an hour of passion with her - only to discover that she is a prostitute hired by his friends. Initially reacting badly, later he asks her to accompany him to the baseball, and she accepts. Actor John Gennaro is killed whilst on stake out with Belker. Washington turns down the job offer in the Bahamas, to stay with partner LaRue.
40 Officer of the Year 10/28/1982 Ray Callatano is Hispanic Officer of the Year, but unexpectedly uses his presentation dinner to attack the Police Department for institutional racism. Belker is undercover in a massage parlour, whilst Washington (as back up outside) accidentally shoots dead the shop keeper rather than the robber in the confused aftermath of a robbery in the massage parlour's neighbouring store. Bates has her first court appearance and is made to look foolish by Davenport. Renko chases a mugger and subsequently dates the female victim. Frank Junior (Furillo's 8 year old son, played by Jesse John Bochco, son of Executive Producer Steven Bochco) is missing throughout the episode, but is found in a tearful final scene.
41 Stan the Man 11/4/1982 Centred on a condemned building, in one storyline Goldblume contends with an elderly resident determined to jump from the roof, whilst in another storyline Hill and Renko deal with a family who will not leave without grandma (but she is immobile, elderly, and almost blind). The grandmother predicts that God will deal with the situation, and (clutching her Bible) promptly dies. Detective Mizell (undercover narcotics) clashes with Washington and LaRue during a meeting with Sid the Snitch (set to become major character), and later also with Furillo. Out of control, he later smashes up LaRue's car and finally is found dead - causing suspicion to fall on LaRue. Hunter continues to get closer to Nurse Wulfawitz. Belker's father's condition deteriorates. Determined to fund a home nurse, he seeks a loan at his bank, which is firstly refused, but then granted after Belker deals with an armed robbery.
42 Little Boil Blue 11/11/1982 The boil of the title is on Hill's bottom. A suspect is found in the Mizell murder; Daniels asks Furillo to investigate and keep Fuchs informed - then behind Captain Fuchs's back indicates that he wants Fuchs hung out to dry. Belker is undercover investigating insurance fraud, which requires him to get knocked down by Goldblume in a car. Bates and Coffey try to deal with a disturbed Vietnam veteran, but the encounter ends in disaster. Fay's first newspaper article is twisted by the editors, prompting her to accept the advances of Wachtel the lawyer, in order to secure some free legal advice.
43 Requiem For a Hairbag 11/18/1982 Chief Daniels praises Mizell at his funeral, for the sake of his family (including daughter Melissa, played by Melissa Bochco, daughter of Executive Producer Steven Bochco), whilst preparing to act on the evidence of Mizell's widespread corruption. Hill is naked on the doctor's table when his fellow officers burst in to arrest the doctor for fraud. LaRue abandons his attorney, Wachtel, moments before he too is arrested, on the same charge. Hunter proposes to his nurse girlfriend, but she (a Jewess) turns him down on grounds of religion. Fay Furillo is burgled at home. Bates and Coffey deal with a baby abandoned i the back of their patrol car.
44 A Hair of the Dog 11/25/1982 Six newly qualified officers start their first shift, including Robin Tataglia who was destined to remain to the very end. The State Governor pays a visit, during which his wife's dog (a gift from the people of Tibet) is stolen and held for ransom. On Chief Daniels's orders disproportionate police resources are assigned to the search. A missing autopsy report highlights drastic failings on the part of the corroner and his staff. Furillo (an old friend) tries to help. Eddie Gregg becomes an informant for Belker.
45 Phantom of the Hill 12/2/1982 The Phantom (a fictional sewer-dwelling beast, acted out by an experienced officer to frighten rookies) strikes. Played by LaRue, he strikes terror into the four new officers in a storm drain until one of them panic s and opens fire - happily missing his target. Eddie Gregg informs on his boyfriend, who has committed a multiple murder. Belker allow Gregg to sleep at his house. Belker also arrests a suspect during a robbery at a jeweller, where he is collecting a ring for Esterhaus. Esterhaus proposes to Grace Gardner, but is rejected. The coroner's incompetence intensifies as it transpires that a corpse essential as evidence has been cremated.
46 No Body's Perfect 12/9/1982 Coroner Nydorf is humiliated in court, despite Furillo's warning that the authorities wish to get rid of him. Officer Crawford is partnered with Hill, his third partner is three days. Despite assuming a reputation for cowardice, he bravely stands up to an armed murderer, winning the respect of his colleagues. Renko and Coffey fight over a woman, but make up. Sid the Snitch is arrested. Belker's relationship with Eddie Gregg becomes more complex. The Governor's wife's dog is found - but promptly lost again by Hunter. Ray Callatano attempts to set up Esterhaus with the Esperanza, the cousin of his wife (Rosa), whose US visa is close to expiring. Big Bertha, the station furnace, misbehaves throughout the episode, causing extremes of heat in the building.
47 Santaclaustraphobia 12/16/1982 To catch a thief Belker is one of three detectives undercover as street Santas in this Christmas episode. Later Belker distributes toys at the Children's Hospital, assisted by several cast members dressed as elves or reindeer. Thus attired, they make a significant arrest (of armed muggers) on their way home in a police van. Hill's father visits, but is not welcome. He borrows money and leaves again. Washington suffers guilt following his shooting of an innocent shopkeeper three months earlier.
48 Gung Ho 1/20/1983 The Gung Ho chinese takeaway supplies lunch to a busy Hill Street station, resulting in multiple upset stomachs. Two terrorists from the 'Uhuru' movement are questioned in the station following the armed robbery of a security van, in which two guards were killed. Meanwhile the same group shoots dead Officer Dorsey whilst he is collecting coffee for himself, Tataglia, and Belker who are undercover in a games arcade. The group's headquarters is later discovered, and all those inside are killed in a shoot-out with the Hill Street officers.
49 Moon Over Uranus 1/27/1983 Furillo, woken in the night by the county sheriff to vouch for Renko who had exposed himself at a stag party, assigns Renko to parking ticket duty, riding a Vespa moped. His first ticket is issued to Detective Benedetto, and leads to a fist fight. Goldblume, now promoted to Lieutenant, tries to support a young woman threatened by her ex-boyfriend. Bates and Coffey arrest a survivalist who is then, in a case of mistaken identity, shot in the station by a detective from another precinct, whose daughter has been attacked. Fay tries to get herself sent to court in order to see her traffic judge boyfriend again after a row. Chief Daniels takes to the streets, but is bitten by a rat, leading to an intensive rat hunt.
50 Moon Over Uranus: the Sequel 2/3/1983 Renko rescues several people from a burning building, and is recommended for a medal - and returned to motor patrol. Hill fights Benedetto, to avenge Renko. Goldblume's female victim is murdered by her stalker, as she predicted, and as Goldblume had feared. Chief Daniels orders a massive swoop on drug dealers, but the operation is aborted by Furillo. Hunter is upset, but Daniels is furious, ordering a series of repeat operations. Furillo goes on a date whilst Joyce Davenport is out of town.
51 Moon Over Uranus: the Final Legacy 2/10/1983 Furillo questions Davenport about why she never checked into her hotel whilst away on interview; their relationship becomes strained. Lt Calletano sports a wig (briefly, and to the amusement of colleagues) before confessing a fear that he will never be promoted to Captain (in the light of Goldblume, who is a confidant of Furillo, being recently promoted to Lieutenant). Sgt Esterhaus confides that he once took, and passed, the Lieutenants' Examination, but was still passed over for promotion to that rank.
52 The Belles of St. Marys 2/17/1983 LaRue makes a fool of himself when a group of schoolgirls visit the station - revealing his fantasies about schoolgirls, which recur in later episodes (see ep 140, for example). Vic Hitler, a penniless commedian with multiple outstanding traffic tickets, is arrested, and causes much amusement. The death-in-custody of a young black man leaves Coffey under suspicion. Lt Callatano and newly-promoted Lt Goldblume argue over seniority - technically Goldblume is senior as he is a 'Detective Lieutenant', whilst Callatano believes he has seniority, having been a Lieutenant for several years. Furillo takes them out to lunch to solve the problem, but relationships remain tense. Belker and Tataglia develop their relationship further. Davenport is offered the job in Washington.
53 Life in the Minors 2/24/1983 LaRue continues to work with Vic Hitler, investing $500. The much sought-after biker is found and arrested - an alternative suspect in the death-in-custody, though IAD continue to question Coffey (much to the annoyance of Bates). Belker's father dies, and Furillo breaks the news whilst Belker is on an operation. Callatano, still working on his promotion prospects, draws up a list of refutations of possible criticisms of himself (none of which has actually been made). LaRue sets up a false undercover operation to lure one of the school girls into a van. She offers him sexual favours, but he has a lucid moment, makes his apologies, and leaves.
54 Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back 3/3/1983 Crockett, the biker, continues to cause trouble. Furillo and Davenport surprise themselves, and everyone else, by getting married during their lunch break. Fay Furillo is distressed, and admits she had hoped that she and Frank would get back together eventually. Tataglia transfers to a different precinct, maintaining her relationship with Belker, but no longer working with him. Bates goes undercover as a bus driver, and successfully arrests armed robbers. Vic Hitler begins a comedy routine on stage, arranged by LaRue, but then falls asleep - later admitting he suffers from narcolepsy.
55 Spotlight on Rico 4/28/1983 Benedetto reappears, this time on temporary transfer to Hill Street. Whilst making his first arrest (Mo Feldstein) with Washington he kills Crockett (the biker) who had drawn a gun and threatened the detectives. A man arrested at the scene of a murder in a night shelter turns out to be the murderer, and about 30 other people, as he suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Hunter proposes to Nurse Wulfawitz, who turns him down and ends their relationship. Rico finally comes down from his six-year high on drugs, thanks to Leo's dedicated support. Benedetto proves corrupt when the episode closes with him illegally executing Mo Feldstein in a secret night-time meeting.
56 Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart? 5/5/1983 LaRue's attempts to fool colleagues with a cow's heart fall flat - nobody mistakes it for a human heart. Hill and Renko recover a large sum of money and are tempted to keep it - but don't. Their cruiser is stolen by a young boy living rough, for whom Hill rapidly develops an affection. Hunter continues to develop a relationship with his Vietnamese masseuse. A bomb in the male toilets at the precinct house is claimed as the work of the multiple-personality secure hospital escapee, who is later cornered by Goldblume, but kills himself by jumping from a window. Washington and Benedetto, undercover, and jumped by two masked and armed men - the series ends with the sound of a gunshot, but no view of who has been shot.
57 A Hill of Beans 5/12/1983 The theme of unpaid police wages, raised over the previous two episode, reaches a climax when the pay-roll is sent in cash, but the courier is robbed by the Diabalos gang en route. Their leader, Jesus Martinez, is jailed and the cash recovered at the close of the episode. The background rejoicing is poignantly overwritten by the cameras focussing on Rico, who has returned to drugs and is high, and Leo, deeply grieved that Rico's 'rescue' has failed. 'Iggie', a corrupt property clerk at the Midtown precinct, is arrested and surrenders the name of Benedetto as being behind the hold-up which left Washington wounded in hospital. Benedetto is cornered, and takes his own life. In two other storylines of the close of the season, Esterhaus is deeply moved when Fay asks him to be Godfather to her unborn daughter; and the TK4600 robot, after featuring in several episodes with its English inventor, is finally put to practical use whilst Benedetto is temporarily holding a hostage. The robot's inventor asks Bates and Coffey for a farewell encounter, with clear sexual overtones - the officers turn him down, and withdraw.

Season 4: 1983-1984

No. Episode Air Date Overview
58 Here's Adventure, Here's Romance 10/13/1983 Hunter finally appears in the opening credits in the uniform of a Lieutenant (although promoted two years earlier, in episode 6, he had hitherto remained in a Sergeant's uniform in the opening title sequence of every episode). Detective Arthur 'Art' Bradley, a homosexual, but married with children, is the only surviving witness to a mass-murder in a gay bar; much of the episode revolves around attempts by Washington and LaRue to cover for him, and his eventual decision to come forward formally as a witness. Goldblume becomes Fay's partner in natural childbirth classes, the 'Cisco Kid' (a horse-riding eccentric) causes problems, and Callatano finally passes a kidney stone (with a loud scream) during very hot weather, and a series of city-wide power cuts.
59 Ba-bing, Ba-bing 10/20/1983 The title is a comment by Renko as Coffey walks out on a date with twin mud-wrestlers, arrested earlier in the day at a fracas in a mud-wrestling bar. Hill wins $100,000 on the lottery and promptly sets about losing it through gambling. Gang trouble flares on the eve of a mayoral-election candidate (Ben Fisk) moving into a rough part of the Hill (Dante Projects). The other candidate, Chief Daniels, attempts to engage the support of Furillo. Furillo and Goldblume fall out over issue of gang leadership as Jesus Martinez returns from prison. Deputy Chief Mahoney, who has a dislike of Hill Street, suspends Belker unjustly.
60 The Long Law of the Arm 10/27/1983 Deputy Chief Mahoney continues to make trouble for the Hill Street officers, leading Furillo to an uncharacteristic display of insubordination. LaRue & Washington recover a missing arm in time to have it sewn back on to the victim of a car crash. Davenport defends a West Indian student (Kiki), robbed whilst working as a cab driver. Hector Ruiz takes another hostage - Ben Fisk - but this time loses his life as a result, when EAT shoot him. Hill's winnings begin to have a negative effect on him. Renko loses a $2,500 gift from Hill, but Hill simply replaces the cash. Goldblume and Fay have their first kiss.
61 Death by Kiki 11/3/1983 Bates and Coffey both pass the Sergeant's Examination (Bates 3rd, Coffey 23rd) and hope for forthcoming vacancies in that rank. Kiki finds the knife used to attack him, but in his anxiety over his immigration status he visits his attacker to plead with him, and in the ensuing fight, kills him. Hill becomes insufferable (and only Renko stands by him) and loses all his money in gambling. Fay is delivered of a healthy baby girl. At the Dante Project Ben Fisk returns (with press coverage) and is accidentally killed as he falls from a rotten window. At a gang killing Martinez predicts it will be the last. Chief Daniels intervenes for Furillo and makes Deputy Chief Mahoney drop all charges against Hill Street officers.
62 Doris in Wonderland 11/10/1983 Wonderland is a sex shop and peep show in Midtown Precinct, where Furillo's officers undertake an anti-vice operation on the orders of Daniels, as the Chief seeks points in the mayoral election race against his new opponent, Commander Ozzie Cleveland. Mike Perez accidentally shoots a small boy armed with a toy gun. To deflect attention during the election campaign, pressure is brought to bear on Furillo to arrest the child's mother (Mrs Robson) for abandonment (she was out seeking employment, having insufficient money to feed the child). The emotionally charged episode ends with Perez attempting to take his own life. Bates is injured in a brawl and is invited on a date by the doctor who re-inflates her collapsed lung.
63 Praise Dilaudid 11/17/1983 Two junkies cause trouble, not least when one of them escapes custody and takes a woman hostage in her own home. In court, the prosecution of Mrs Robson is thrown out, with a severe reprimand from Judge Oberman to the city authorities for ever pursuing it. At the Wonderland operation LaRue meets attorney Wachtel in a dress - exploring his sexual identity. Murray, the owner of Wonderland, is shot when a raid begins, and the perpetrators engage in a shoot-out with police.
64 Goodbye, Mr. Scripps 11/24/1983 It is election day. Scripps, a late candidate, is creating more trouble than interest; Goldblume takes an interest. Daniels, expecting to win, offers to put Furillo forward as the next Chief. Deputy Chief Mahoney, overhearing, goes public with anti-Daniels revelations. Commander Ozzie Cleveland wins the election, and Goldblume narrowly prevents Scripps from stabbing the new mayor. Wachtel continues his comeback - still in women's clothes. The Robson funeral takes place. Furillo spends time with Mike Perez junior, the teenage son of Officer Mike Perez. Mike junior has been bullyed due to his father shooting the Robson boy.
65 Midway to What? 12/1/1983 'Buck Naked' has his feature roll as a witness against corrupt taxi operators; the judge overturns the decision of the jury, and Davenport implies to Furillo that she suspects the judge of corruption. An investigation into cop corruption trns up evidence that as a probationary police officer Hunter was coerced into the margins of some minor corruption. The matter is too old for proceedings, but Hunter feels he has let everybody down. At home, and ending the episode, he tidies his desk, arranges his photographs and medals, writes a last note, and holds a revolver to his head. Also in this episode Fay & Henry have a sexual encounter, Hill is victorious in a police boxing match, and Michael Conrad makes a short and shaky appearance at roll call, looking very drawn and unwell.
66 Honk if You're a Goose 12/8/1983 Honk the guard goose on the loose is caught by Bates and Coffey, but executed in the station by its owner. Calletano and Schnitz make arrangements to salvage the "33 pounds of dark meat". Belker is devastated when his wheelchair-bound former arrest is killed whilst helping him to go undercover as a disabled person. Hill has another boxing match, but is knocked out. Judge Cole is arrested for corruption as it becomes clear that the corruption runs deep, possibly including the entire vice squad of Midtown Precinct. Esterhaus again appears only at roll call.
67 The Russians Are Coming 12/15/1983 Three 'Russians' (from what is now the independent Republic of Georgia, then part of the USSR) visit the Hill, where one attempts to defect. It transpires that he and the female delegate are in a relationship which has been complicated by the advances of the third delegate, a KGB officer. The matter is resolved without international incident. Belker goes undercover with an ambulance crew, and strikes up an unlikely relationship with the ambulance driver, arising at first out of a shared diet. A temporary freeze on promotions upsets Bates who has newly passed her sergeant's examination, but is awaiting a vacant sergeant's post. A young man with mental instability who is shot by police leaves a dependent dog whom Bates adopts, ironically naming him "Sarge".
68 Ratman and Bobbin 1/12/1984 Rats have infested the station house, but a man in evening dress and playing an accordion seems to lure them away, just as he promised. A cop killer is at large, causing anxiety. Belker goes undercover as a bag lady, and is slashed with a knife. Coffey and Bates staff an experimental police office within a housing project. Hunter talks a woman out of suicide when Goldblume has failed to do so. Witnessing an armed robbery on his way home, Captain Furillo shoots the robber dead. Joyce Davenport learns that she is unable to have children. For the first time ever Michael Conrad (Esterhaus) was too sick to appear.
69 Nichols from Heaven 1/19/1984 Esterhaus is said to be in hospital for tests. For the second consecutive episode Lt Goldblume conducts roll call. The cop killer is caught and arrested, but then discovered to be a copy-cat killer, with the original killer still at large. Nonetheless, the copy-cat killer helps implicate the corrupt Midtown cops being investigated secretly by Furillo, Callatano, LaRue, & Washington (with DA Irwin Bernstein). The rats return, but a better musician (in a dinner jacket) lures them away with bagpipes and deposits them in a fire station.
70 Fuchs Me? Fuchs You! 1/26/1984 Two cops are transferred from Polk Avenue and are quickly joined by the third member of a love triangle, resulting in one shooting another. Coffey is shot and wounded by the cop killer. Goldblume takes his third roll call, but says Esterhaus will be "back tomorrow". The cop killer turns out to be the proprietor of the local cop hang-out cafe - he is arrested after nearly shooting Hunter. A social assembly of Lieutenants and Captains is interrupted by Washington, LaRue, and Goldblume as they arrest Lt Tony Marino. The whole corruption ring at Midtown vice crumbles. Capt Fuchs is humiliated, and shown up as a poor manager - and his friendship with Furillo ends as they disagree over events.
71 Grace Under Pressure 2/2/1984 Sgt Phil Esterhaus dies whilst making love with Grace Gardner, and the entire precinct is shocked. In a double blow for Schnitz, he discovers his wife to be having an affair. Belker is let down by his backup (Hill & Renko) on an undercover operation, and the city suffers multiple law suits in consequence. Fay Furillo is arrested for prostitution by Officer Pfiezer, much to his embarrassment. Lucille Bates is offered promotion to sergeant, and the opportunity to take Esterhaus's job as roll call Sergeant - a thought which scares her.
72 The Other Side of Oneness 2/9/1984 A high class call girl dominates the episode - particularly her relationship with Goldblume. Bates tells Coffey that her promotion is to be announced tomorrow - he is less than supportive. Furillo is having trouble carrying out Esterhaus's last request - to have his ashes scattered on the Hill. Former Captain Fuchs arrives to advertise his new private security consultancy and meets with harsh words from Belker and disdain from Furillo. Chief Daniels steals 2 of almost 20 video tapes showing Goldblume's call girl having sex with prominent clients; he admits to Furillo that he (Daniels) appears on these two tapes. Leo Schnitz is held at knife-point in the cells. It is a bad day for him, as Mr Le Jardin from Divisional Accountancy arrives undercover to identify a petty thief, and discovers that Leo has been taking stationary home for personal use. Goldblume takes roll call. Coffey is still struggling to come to terms with the rape of his girlfriend, Sandy. The call girl is murdered.
73 Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow 2/16/1984 The previous episode's murdered call girl may yet be avenged thanks to the evidence of her 'manager', until he too is executed in the station, by an assassin dressed as a police officer. The police Chaplain leads a memorial service for Phil Esterhaus. Bates's promotion is announced, but her first roll call goes badly, particularly as she reacts to the stealing of the podium; nonetheless, she gains respect during the episode. Renko suffers a possible hernia, lifting a heavy woman stuck in a bath. The overcrowding of cells continues. Esterhaus's ashes are scattered on the road, at the very centre of the Hill, as he requested, by a nocturnal gathering of officers. Natalie DeRoy arrives - a new khaki officer to assist Leo Schnitz.
74 The End of Logan's Run 3/1/1984 Belker's recurring pickpocket is shot and killed - his real name finally emerging as James Logan. Belker reacts badly, and breaks up with Robin. Fay and Goldblume also break up. Deputy Chief Briscoe proves an annoyance to Furillo. Mayor Cleveland is an even greater annoyance, after Furillo is misquoted in the press over the 'stop and cop' project. The Mullins brothers appear - William is arrested and brother Timothy murders the key witness. Joyce Davenport witnesses this murder, but refuses to identify Mullins, fearing for her own life. Alan Wachtel becomes a judge, much to everyone's surprise. For the first time Michael Conrad (Esterhaus) does not appear in the titles. Bates is missing the streets - Furillo encourages her, and tells her it's time she put on her sergeant's stripes.
75 The Count of Monte Tasco 3/8/1984 A genial census worker is taken hostage and murdered, much to the dismay of his bodyguards, Hill & Renko, who were called away to back up other officers on the order of Deputy Chief Briscoe. Joyce Davenport agrees to testify against Timothy Mullins, but both brothers issue death threats against her. Furillo, most in need of his command to defend her, is relieved of duties by Chief Daniels on the orders of Mayor Cleveland; he is reassigned to command a task force at Division. Cleveland is unhappy with Furillo's apology concerning alleged comments about 'stop and cop'. In the personal storylines, Renko's girlfriend is pregnant, and Hunter dates both Bates and Fay Furillo, whilst looking for a partner - both turn him down.
76 Nutcracker Suite 3/15/1984 In a packed episode, 'stop and cop' continues to claim victims as Pilsky is shot by a fleeing suspect; her delay in returning fire was caused by her 'officer involved' shooting the previous day. Later Bates and Briscoe argue publicly when the Deputy Chief denies his order that Pilsky should be deployed again. Washington proves invaluable to the Furillo household; he hands a copy tape to Callatano showing Chief Daniels having sex with a prostitute (see ep 72 above) which the Lieutenant uses to bargain for Furillo's return to his command at Hill Street (ending arguments between Lt Callatano and Lt Hunter about who has seniority); then Washington (with Garibaldi and Belcher) follows William Mullins all day until he slips up - refusing to surrender after committing an armed robbery, he is shot dead by the detectives. Hunter's next date had been arranged with Pilsky - his plans ruined by her being shot. Renko proposes to Daryl Ann. Jesus Martinez marries his pregnant girlfriend (avoiding a conviction for her, as she had threatened him with a gun). Furillo, narrowly avoiding drinking the alcohol he has bought, seeks out his AA sponsor - only to discover that the sponsor has returned to hard drink himself and is in denial about the consequences. The episode title comes from a minor storyline about a legal battle between two men who have fought publicly. The apparent aggressor reveals that his victim had been responsible for the mechanical equipment in which his genitals had become caught in extreme suction.
77 Hair Apparent 5/3/1984 The title comes from Judge Wachtel's wig as he wears a wire to help the DA's office convict a mafia-related gang. The Hill Street precinct are also targetting them (with Belcher, Renko, and Hill undercover), as are a third agency (leading to confusion). Garibaldi does some unofficial investigation to avoid being sued after he crashed without motor insurance - Washington assists him, successfully. Marcus Peabody, a former gang member, proves corrupt and embarrasses his new employer, the Mayor. Natyalie co tinues to admire Leo, and discourages his attempts to regain the affections of his wife. Hunter's proposed 'Equine Rapid Development Force' is rejected under budget cuts, even though he had bought his own horse (Apollo) to save the city money. The Furillos separate, at Joyce's suggestion.
78 Lucky Ducks 5/10/1984 Lt Calletano appears on TV game show 'Lucky Ducks' and does very well until the crucial final question, when he loses everything. Peabody is killed by the same mafia gang which Belcher has infiltrated, leading to their arrests. Renko tries to marshal his wedding attendants - Hill (Best Man), Washington, Coffey, and Davis. Lt Hunter is increasingly worried about Apollo, his horse, who is seriously ill; the episode ends with Hunter settling down to a night in the stable with Apollo.
79 Eva's Brawn 5/17/1984 Belcher is in demand from his mafia prisoners, after they hijack the prison bus transporting them to their incarceration. A guard is killed, but the prisoners are eventually recaptured. Goldblume and Garibaldi try video-dating, but Goldblume ends up arresting his first contact for solicitation. Renko, after initial cold feet, finally gets married to Daryl Ann. Martinez and Callatano secure a gang cease-fire, but Martinez is attacked and wonded inside the station. Hunter's horse, Apollo, dies; but he secures a date with a fellow wedding guest at Renko's marriage, when she is attracted by his horse smell.

Season 5: 1984-1985

No. Episode Air Date Overview
80 Mayo, Hold the Pickle 9/27/1984 In a busy pre-titles opening sequence, the viewer is introduced to Sergeant Stan Jablonski (Robert Prosky), for 22 years a patrolman and then a sergeant at Polk Avenue Precinct; he has transferred after an altercation with female Lieutenant Vera Horvath (Sharon Barr), in which the latter was struck a blow, alleged by Jablonski to have been self-defence. Sgt Bates returns to motor patrol as a street sergeant, explained by Jablosnski as being an extra Sergeant's post created by "adding the Jefferson renewal to the Hill Street Precinct". The new Sergeant's catchphrase is heard for the first time: "Let's do it to them, before they do it to us". The sequence ends with Jablonski being knocked down by his nemesis from Polk Avenue, she having turned up at Hill street, despite being subject to psychological assessment and treatment. In the rest of the episode: Celestine Grey (Juney Smith) is to be executed for raping and murdering a nun (which he denies), resulting in much consternation; Goldblume's opposition is reported in the press. An all-night ordeal of robbery and torture leads to a war hero, Mr Parsons, dying in hospital, whilst police comfort his widow. Belcher is undercover at a seedy hotel. Fay Furillo starts full time at the station as a Victim Aid Counsellor (also covering the Polk Avenue Precinct). An unfortunate couple from New York are repeatedly robbed, but recued by Bates and Coffey. An unusual man stealing ice is found to be preserving the body of his dead mother. Detective Mayo goes on a date with Furillo, though he turns down a proposed night together - luckily, as Joyce Davenport elects to return after their 4-month separation. Laura Ann Renko (Andrew Renko's daughter) is born.
81 Watt a Way to Go 10/4/1984 Rachel Goldblume is raped in her own bed during the night with daughter Annie (Jennifer Ursitti) and son Josh asleep in the next room. She won't press charges, but Henry Goldblume takes fingerprints, identifies the suspect, arrests him roughly, and secures a conviction on outstanding warrants. The poor New York couple (see previous entry) are robbed again whilst withdrawing money wired to them; they are then caught up in a hostage situation when Belcher's hotel undercover goes wrong. At another hostage situation a man holding his wife is shot dead by EAT officers, with 23-year-old Officer Foster expressing delight, which is caught by TV cameras. Celestine Grey is finally executed. In a closing ironic paradox LaRue picks up a girl in a bar by pretending to be Henry Goldblume (using her anti-capital punishment sensibilities), whilst the real Goldblume stands in the cold outside Grey's prison, joining a group of Christians praying for Grey as he is executed.
82 Rookie Nookie 10/18/1984 When Lt Hunter upsets Clerk-Typist Rhonda Kimmel, she barricades herself in the male toilet. Belcher goes undercover dressed as a chicken, and loses a suspect due to the well-intnetioned interference of a mime artist. LaRue spends the night with Cathleen McConnell, the victim of a car-jacking, but during the night she receives news of the murder of her husband - LaRue wonders if he has been set up as an alibi. An illegal cable TV installer is arrested, and Davenport turns out to be one of his customers; she is unwittingly involved, but Furillo uses the situation to engineer an end to their separation. Rachel Goldblume's rapist is released on bail, murders his girlfriend, and is re-arrested. Two new rookie officers cause trouble; Laurence 'Larry' Swann by his timidness, and Randall 'Randy' Buttman by his arrogance and insubordination, leading to first day reprimands from Sgt Bates and Capt Furillo. At an end of shift gathering of rookies from across the precincts, Swann is tied up and stripped, and forced to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute in front of the other rookies.
83 Fowl Play 10/25/1984 Officer Swann hangs himself, unable to cope with his humiliation. The independent witness (the prostitute involved) is found murdered, after Buttman had taken a 45 minute unauthorised absence (Sgt Bates puts him on a charge for abandoning his patrol without authority). Belcher discovers a drugs ring in his fried chicken undercover. A TV crew tails Renko & Hill, filming Renko's four morning doughnut stops. Rookie Ronnie Garfield (Polk Avenue Precinct) comes forward to implicate Buttman, who is arrested. LaRue spends another night with McConnell and shoots an intruder during the night. A $6,000 grant for an administrative research post of 2 hours per week leads to fierce competition between the three Lieutenants (Hunter, Callatano, Goldblume) until Capt Furillo finally takes the grant himself.
84 Bangladesh Slowly 11/1/1984 A local Indian restaurant attracts many police officers (including Lts Hunter and Goldblume) for its reduced rate lunch, just as Sgt Bates leads a raid to arrest the chefs and the owner, and recover a number of stolen local cats waiting to be cooked. Renko has a more positive TV appearance after arresting the prostitute serial murderer. The McConnell intruder turns out to be the man who shot her husband, and LaRue agrees to wear a wire to trap her. All the rookies are sacked, including Garfield, leading Washington to challenge Chief Daniels, and then resign. Daniels later agrees to 21 days without pay instead, and Washington returns. Hill and Renko arrest an incredibly fat man abusing an "all you can eat" buffet lunch.
85 Ewe and Me, Babe 11/8/1984 A man is found dead in an apartment, with a sheep tethered in the bathroom. The Revd Booker Simons is murdered, but his killer plea-bargains a greatly reduced charge when Fay Furillo leaks news to Simons's widow, whilst the suspect is also the only witness in a major anti-drug operation, in which police officers have been killed at the police motor pool. Inspector Joe Keenan comes to blows with Capt Furillo concerning overlapping jurisdiction between the precinct and Special Narcotics. Jesus Martinez appears in a new manifestation as a paralegal aid to Attorney Brown. Prostitute Lotta Gue (pronounced 'goo') has her third arrest for soliciting in 48 hours; but Lt Hunter, who has developed a soft spot for her, lets her go.
86 Blues for Mr. Green 11/15/1984 Floyd Green, convicted for murder as a child, is released from custody having completed his sentence. Now 18, Hill Street officers monitor him, and find him rapidly back in trouble. Later, during an armed hostage taking in court by another prisoner, Green tries to escape in the confusion, but is instead shot dead, accidentally, in crossfire. Fabian De Witt, a regular character for the remainder of the show's history, is introduced in this episode; one sister is dead, another is an under-age prostitute, and their prostitute mother is absent. Fabian goes to live with Sgt Bates, who was later to adopt the boy. Belcher is sent to Las Vegas to escort a prisoner home. A large number of the other male officers also go, after LaRue secures a block of cheap airline tickets from a grateful travel agent whose robbery LaRue has solved. All these officers (who include Lt Callatano and Lt Hunter) report themselves sick to avoid duty.
87 Fuched Again 11/22/1984 The episode is dominated by the Monarch Project, and the restoration of the Monarch Theatre. In two related storylines, widespread corruption is uncovered which reaches into the office of Chief Daniels; and Mayor Cleveland is the victim of an assassination attempt. In Vegas Belcher (the only non-gambler) takes his free pull on a gaming machine and wins the $5,000 jackpot. Coffey borrows and loses much of the money, and later steals most of the rest. Belcher collects his prisoner, who dies of a heart attack whilst handcuffed to Belcher. Hill and Renko deal with an immigrant who's winning lottery ticket is stolen and then offered back to him through a broker in return for half the $3,000 winnings. Joe Keenan, head of the narcotics squad, s implicate as the corrupt officer in Chief Daniels' office. Meanwhile the man accused of shooting the mayor is assassinated on his way to court; his shooter is later identified as former police Captain (and friend of Furillo) Jerry Fuchs. Fabian is in trouble for skipping school.
88 Low Blow 11/29/1984
89 The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall 12/6/1984
90 Last Chance Salon 12/13/1984
91 Intestinal Fortitude 1/10/1985
92 Of Human Garbage 1/17/1985
93 Dr. Hoof and Mouth 1/24/1985
94 Davenport in a Storm 1/31/1985
95 Washington Deceased 2/7/1985
96 Passage to Libya 2/14/1985
97 El Capitan 2/21/1985
98 The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr. 3/21/1985
99 G.Q. 3/28/1985
100 Queen for a Day 4/11/1985
101 You're in Alice's 5/9/1985
102 Grin and Bear It 5/16/1985

Season 6: 1985-1986

No. Episode Air Date Overview
103 Blues in the Night 9/26/1985 In a surreal start at roll call, the entire cast appears to have been replaced; however, it finally transpires that the viewer is watching the roll call of the night shift, whilst the programme then follows the nocturnal activities of the usual day shift officers.
104 Hacked to Pieces 10/3/1985
105 Seoul on Ice 10/17/1985
106 In the Belly of the Bus 10/24/1985
107 Somewhere Over the Rambo 10/31/1985
108 Oh, You Kid 11/7/1985
109 An Oy for an Oy 11/14/1985
110 Fathers and Huns 11/21/1985
111 What Are Friends For? 12/5/1985
112 The Virgin and the Turkey 12/12/1985
113 Two Easy Pieces 1/9/1986
114 Say It as It Plays 1/16/1986
115 Das Blues 1/23/1986
116 Scales of Justice 1/30/1986
117 I Want My Hill Street Blues 2/6/1986
118 Remembrance of Hits Past 2/13/1986
119 Larry of Arabia 2/27/1986
120 Iced Coffey 3/6/1986
121 Jagga the Hunk 3/13/1986
122 Look Homeward, Ninja 3/20/1986
123 Slum Enchanted Evening 3/27/1986
124 Come and Get It 4/3/1986

Season 7: 1986-1987

No. Episode Air Date Overview
125 Suitcase 9/30/1986 Revolves around a suitcase lost in a light aircraft crash - the case contains a large shipment of illegal drugs. Appears to be self-contained, but is in fact a plot-line that returns to dominate the final two episodes of the series.
126 A Case of Klapp 10/7/1986
127 The Best Defense 10/14/1986
128 Bald Ambition 10/28/1986
129 I Come on My Knees 11/4/1986
130 Say Uncle 11/11/1986
131 Amazing Grace 11/25/1986 Grace Gardner, a character from the early series (who stalked Sgt Esterhaus), returns as a nun.
132 Falling from Grace 12/2/1986 Grace's vocation is challenged by her attraction to Flaherty, and she leaves the religious order.
133 Fathers and Guns 12/9/1986
134 More Skinned Against Than Skinning 12/23/1986
135 She's So Fein 1/6/1987
136 A Wasted Weekend 1/13/1987 Jablonski, Hill, and Renko go deer hunting (unsuccessfully). Goldblume is kidnapped and forced to dig his own grave, whilst trying to join the hunters.
137 City of Refuse 1/20/1987 During a strike by refuse collectors, the police take over collections, with dramatic consequences when a gangland funeral interferes with a refuse route.
138 Der Roachenkavalier 2/3/1987 LaRue becomes obsessed with a competition to find the largest live cockroach.
139 Norman Conquest 2/10/1987
140 Sorry, Wrong Number 3/3/1987 LaRue becomes obsessed with a troop of under-age cheerleaders.
141 The Cookie Crumbles 3/10/1987 Renko is increasingly worried about his wife's relationship with her business partner in her cookie-making company. Belker is shot in his car in the final scene.
142 Dogsbreath Afternoon 3/17/1987 Centres around Belker's touch-and-go situation in hospital. Renko and his wife part company after he confesses to sleeping with another woman, and his wife responds by confessing her on-going affair with her business partner. Belker recovers. Sgt Hunter is restored to his former rank of Lieutenant, and resumes command of the EAT.
143 Days of Swine and Roses 3/31/1987 The city is full of stunts after a radio station challenges citizens to commit "outrageous acts". Hill and Renko are assigned a new unit (2403), state of the art, and computer controlled - with disasterous results, which include Renko inadvertently winning the radio competition. The episode ends with Hunter and a friend caught in a basement roof collapse.
144 The Runner Falls on His Kisser 4/7/1987 Uniquely this episode begins without the usual on-screen opening time check, though Furillo quotes the time as 6.30am after examining his own bedside alarm clock. A famous American Football player is arrested for soliciting, and fears grow as Lt Hunter fails to report on duty.
145 A Pound of Flesh 5/5/1987 Lt Hunter is found alive (but his friend is dead) after 11 days buried under rubble and trouble breaks over how he survived. The sister of Jesus Martinez is apparently kidnapped shortly before her wedding. Lt Buntz is accused of corruption by IAD. LaRue narrowly escapes death and faces a traumatic mental reaction.
146 It Ain't Over Till It's Over 5/12/1987 The final episode. Lt Hunter returns to work, though neither he nor Lt Goldblume have a real storyline. The key plot revolves around Lt Buntz and efforts to clear his name. Capt Furillo and Sidney Thurston lead the effort and uncover a plot to frame Buntz, in which IAD investigator Lt Shipman is implicated. All seems set for a happy ending until Buntz takes matters into his own hands and is arrested for carrying a gun whilst suspended. He punches Chief Daniels, and so ends his career. Coupled with the gutting of the Hill Street Precinct Station House (police station) by fire, the final episode is given a melancholy feel. However, Sgt Bates and Sal the plummer finally have dinner together, with perhaps a hint at a relationship developing. Buntz leaves the fire-damaged station in the final scene, but the last words are spoken by a constant, but low-profile, character - the night shift Desk Sergeant. He answers a ringing telephone, and voices the final words of the series: "Hill Street".



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