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In Love with These Times

In Love With These Times is a compilation of previously released songs by artists on New Zealand based Flying Nun Records. It was released by Flying Nun in 1990 and re-released in a 2CD package with the 1991 compilation Pink Flying Saucers Over the Southern Alps. The CD version released by Flying Nun Europe contained an additional six tracks which were omitted from the re-release.

Track listing

  1. "Rain" - The Chills
  2. "She Speeds" - Straitjacket Fits
  3. "Cactus Cat" - Look Blue Go Purple
  4. "Flex" - Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
  5. "North By North" - The Bats
  6. "Trouble With Kay" - Sneaky Feelings
  7. "Slow Sad Love Song" - Verlaines
  8. "Grader Spader" - Bailter Space
  9. "Donka" - Headless Chickens
  10. "What Was That Thing?" - Able Tasmans
  11. "A.F.F.C.O." - The Skeptics
  12. "Hang On" - Snapper
  13. "The Slide" - Tall Dwarfs
  14. ;Additional tracks on Flying Nun Europe CD edition
  15. "Barlow's House" - Dead Famous People
  16. "The Boy With the Sad Hands" - Jay Clarkson
  17. "Jaffa Boy" - Bird Nest Roys
  18. "Mothlight" - The Terminals
  19. "Immigration Song" - This Kind of Punishment
  20. "The Wheel" - The Dead C.


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