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Flying Colors (musical)

Flying Colors is a musical revue with a book, lyrics, and music by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz and sketch contributions by George S. Kaufman, Corey Ford, and Charles Sherman.

The Broadway production, directed by Dietz and choreographed by Albertina Rasch, opened on September 15 1932 at the Imperial Theatre, where it ran for 188 performances.

The cast included Clifton Webb, Patsy Kelly, Imogene Coca, Larry Adler, Charles Butterworth, Tamara Geva, and Buddy and Vilma Ebsen.

Song list

  • Lost in a Crowd
  • Sister Act
  • Service
  • Fatal Fascination
  • All's Well
  • Two-Faced Woman
  • Alone Together
  • Louisiana Hayride
  • On the American Plan
  • A Rainy Day
  • My Heart is Part of You
  • Butlers
  • Day After Day
  • A Shine On Your Shoes
  • It Was Never Like This
  • Mother Told Me So
  • A Christmas Card
  • Now That the Party is Over
  • Just Around the Corner
  • Smokin' Reefers

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