SEE Electrical Expert


SEE Electrical Expert is a high-end professional [Electrical CAD] package published by the IGE+XAO Group. SEE Electrical Expert is born from the merging of IGE+XAO's former packages SEE 3000 and SEE 4000.

SEE Electrical Expert includes advanced functionalities for designing and maintaining any type of electrical installation. SEE Electrical Expert targets mainly medium to large manufacturing companies.

The basic package is called "Professional". According to clients' requirements, additional modules can be added.

The Professional Package

The Professional Package includes the following functionalities:
- Creation and modification of electrical schematics.
- Symbol manager (creation and modification of smart symbols).
- Project, sheet and diagram template manager through an Explorer.
- Index revision management.
- Multi-level, multi-user access management.
- Automatic definition of connection points according to the cabling direction.
- Slide presentation in BMP, JPG, TIFF, PCX, SVG and CGM formats.
- Manual, semi-automatic or automatic component, connection, equipotential and wire tagging, in a user defined format (several formats supplied, with the possibility to create your own formats).
- Compliant with different standards and working methods (IEC standard…).
- Recalculation of all or just part of the project (standard or numbering method change in the course of the project).
- Real-time management of equipotential networks.
- Drawing tools.
- Real-time cross-referencing management.
- Cross-references updating for the whole project (standard or representation change).
- Component choice according to logical constraints (number of used and available contacts).
- Inconsistency management (short-circuit detection, cross-references check up,…).

The Additional Modules

External Cabling

The Terminal module

This modules allows users to manage terminals and includes the following functionalities.

- Terminal strip management.
- Manual or automatic terminal and terminal strip numbering.
- Various terminal types management (pull-out, fuses, diodes, stepped…).
- Cable selection assistance (types, wire numbers, colors,…).
- Navigation between schematic and terminal strip diagrams.

The Synoptic Module

With this module the user can easily describe and manage its overall electrical installation. Functionalities include:

- includes the TERMINAL module.
- Synoptic installation design (localisation, cable and terminal strip graphical management; navigation).
- Automatic terminal and cable insertion in the schematics.
- Automatic cabling.
- Multi-connection terminals.
- Automatic bridge management.
- Connector management.
- Inter-enclosure cabling list importation.
- Cable lists.

Internal Cabling

The Cabling Module

- Automatic strand symbol creation and insertion on connections.
- Graphic cabling list.
- Assistance with the cabling of complex installation.

Cabinet Layout

The Panel Module

- Equipment placement and collision control.
- Associative dimensioning.
- Rail and wireway management.
- Enclosure selection assistance.
- Navigation between panel layout and schematic diagrams.
- Consistency check up between panel layout and schematic diagrams.
- 3D cabinet view.

The Panel Manufacturing Module

- includes the PANEL module.
- Wire routing in the cabinet.
- User defined wire routing configurations (Compulsory routing points,…).
- Wire length calculation.
- Wireway filling rate calculation.
- Cabling wire list.
- Drilling layout generation.

Part List Management

The Part List Module

- Automatic part list generation.
- Multi-criteria sorting and filtering.
- User defined page layout (several available templates, possibility to customize templates,font choice, contents,…).
- Terminal block tags edition for printing machines.

The Part List Manager Module

- includes the PART LIST module
- Equipment catalogue management via Internet (downloads, updates…).
- Part list management (evolution, revision indices).
- Equipment list importation (pre-part list).
- Equipment catalogue management dedicated to a specific installation (project).
- Automatic equipment code assignment.

Exchange and Communication

The PLC Module

- Communication interface between controllers.
- Management of PLC configurations.
- Automatic generation of Input/Output card diagram.
- Importation/Exportation of input/output lists.
- Input/Output card updating.

The Translation Module

- Project translation in different languages.
- Multi-lingual projects management.

The DXF Module

- DXF format (AutoCAD) and DWG Importation/Exportation.


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