Alan Vega

Alan Vega (born Alan Bermowitz) is the vocalist for 1970s and 80s no wave duo Suicide.

Born in Manhattan in 1948, he began his artistic career doing light sculptures, and in 1974 he opened a small gallery in lower Manhattan, where he started to create the "Project of Living Artists", a pluri-artistic place to develop various happenings or artistic attempts. Here, he met a jazz band called Reverend B, in which Martin Rev (Martin Reverby) played electric piano. Martin Rev would later become Alan Vega's partner in Suicide. After Suicide disbanded (for the first time) in 1980, Alan Vega released his eponymous first solo record, which contained "Jukebox Babe", one of his best known songs, and defined the kind of rockabilly style that he would follow for some years. Later in his career he made a commercial attempt ("Just a Million Dreams"), which proved to be unsuccessful.

Quotations from Alan Vega

  • "... I never heard anything avant-garde. To me it was just New York City Blues." (1980)
  • "Suicide was always about life. But we couldn' t call it Life. So we called it Suicide because we wanted to recognize life." (1985)


  • Alan Vega (1980)
  • Collision Drive (1981)
  • Saturn Strip (1983)
  • Just a Million Dreams (1985)
  • Deuce Avenue (1990)
  • Power on to Zero Hour (1991)
  • New Raceion (1993)
  • Dujang Prang (1995)
  • Getchertiktz (1996, with Ric Ocasek and Gillian McCain)
  • Cubist Blues (1996, with Alex Chilton and Ben Vaughn) (re-issued as double CD 2006)
  • Endless (1998, with Pan Sonic)
  • Righteous Lite (1998, with Stephen Lironi)
  • Daddy Died - A Brooklyn Nightmare (1999, with Stephen Lironi)
  • Sombre (1999) (soundtrack to the film by Philippe Grandrieux)
  • 2007 (1999)
  • Listen to the Hiss (single) (2003, with DJ Hell)
  • Resurrection River (2004, with Pan Sonic)
  • Station (2007)


  • 2006 - "silver monk time - a tribute to the monks" (29 bands cover the MONKS) label play loud! productions
  • 2006 - "The Wiretapper 16" free cd issued to subscribers of The Wire magazine and available on some over the counter issues, but not all.

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