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Wireless Broadband Alliance

Formed in March 2003, the Wireless Broadband Alliance was created to drive the adoption of wireless broadband technologies and services around the world by developing a common commercial, technical and marketing framework for wireless network interoperability. Its goal is to develop a global alliance of wireless providers that can truly deliver services that users can trust. It aims to provide a consistent customer experience and reliability for wireless broadband users worldwide. To facilitate commercial roaming implementations between its member operators, the alliance has developed WRIX (Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange), a modularised standard service specification that won the Wireless Broadband Innovation 2007 award in the Best Wi-Fi Product / Service segment.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance is formed by pioneers in the wireless broadband field, encompassing major players in the telecommunications field. Collectively, the Wireless Broadband Alliance operates over 85,000 wireless hotspots across 26 service providers around the world.

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