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List of United States Navy aircraft wings

This is a list of United States Navy aircraft wings. It covers both Carrier Air Wings and land-based wings. Since groups in the United States Navy essentially came to be redefined as effectively the same as wings, it also covers groups.

Carrier Air Wings


1. CVW-10 was originally assigned the "AK" fin flash whilst serving with the Atlantic Fleet until the air wing's disestablishment in the early 1970's. CVW-10 later borrowed the defunct CVW-19's fin flash when it was temporarily reactivated to serve in the Pacific Fleet during the mid-to-late 1980's.
2. CVW-13 was assigned CVW-10's original "AK" fin flash during the 1980's.

Also, the "A" Prefix denotes USN Atlantic Fleet affiliation, while "N" Denotes USN Pacific Fleet affiliation.

Reserve Carrier Air Wings

Carrier Air Groups

Attack Carrier Air Groups

Light Carrier Air Groups

Battle Carrier Air Groups

Escort Carrier Air Groups

Night Carrier Air Groups

Night Light Carrier Air Groups

Night Escort Carrier Air Group

Ship-Named Air Groups

Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Reserve Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Patrol Wings

Fleet Air Wings

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wings

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