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Big Bro Thang

"Big Bro Thang" is the last single released in 2007 by the UK Hip hop/R&B group Big Brovaz. It was the third single from their second album, Re-Entry and their first not to be released on a CD format.

The single was originally due for release in September, 2006 but was pushed back until 2007 so it would be eligible to compete in the Eurovision Making Your Mind Up Contest. The song was also announced as being one of the six finalists in the British pre-selection for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, however, Big Brovaz were beaten in the competition by Cyndi and Scooch.

It was after this exposure on BBC 1 that Big Brovaz released the single as a digital download only single, preceding the Re-Entry album release on 9 April, 2007. The release dates for the digital versions were staggered between February and March, 2007.

"Big Bro Thang" only peaked at number one-hundred and seventy-one in the official UK singles chart due to the group not releasing it on a physical Cd. . The only exposure the single has was through the Making Your Mind Up Eurovision show and it failed to receive both television and radio airplay and due to the fact there was no physical CD format of the single released, this is why the single failed to chart more highly.

Track listing

UK digital downloads available:

  1. "Big Bro Thang" (DEEKAY original radio edit)
  2. "Big Bro Thang" (DEEKAY album version - clean)
  3. "Big Bro Thang" (DaVinChe remix - dirty)
  4. "Big Bro Thang" (DaVinChe remix - clean)
  5. "Big Bro Thang" (DC Joseph remix)
  6. "Big Bro Thang" (Soul Seekers remix)
  7. "Big Bro Thang" (Soul Seekerz remix - explicit radio)
  8. "Big Bro Thang" (Soul Seekerz remix - clean radio)
  9. "Big Bro Thang" (Will Simms remix)
  10. "Big Bro Thang" (Will Simms remix - radio edit)


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