Wild Angelica

Wild Angelica

Wild Angelica (Angelica sylvestris) is a species of plant that grows about one meter tall. It has broad, double-finned leaves. The stem is coarse, tubular and violet at the bottom, with broad leaf shafts. At the top the stem has fine hairs. The flowers are green-white.

Wild Angelica grows on grazing grounds, cultured land and along streams.

It is said that the plant is useless for food, but it is known that it has been used as a vegetable until the 20th century. The plant prevents scurvy, and it can be stored. The stem was eaten fresh, and the leaves could be boiled to a stew for storage. It could later be cooked up with milk into a tasty dish. In dire times the Wild Angelica has been an important source of nutrition.

The plant has also been used for dyeing.



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