Zuyd University

Zuyd University, or Hogeschool Zuyd in Dutch, is a "Hogeschool" or University of Applied Sciences in English located in the three largest cities of the south of Limburg: (Heerlen, Sittard and Maastricht), in the most southern tip of the Netherlands. Although the international name is Zuyd University, in The Netherlands the legal status of a Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences) differs from that of a University.

Around 1,900 foreign students study at Zuyd University which is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Like most Universities of Professional Education in the Netherlands, the main focus of Zuyd University is on Bachelor programmes, 52 in total , most of them in Dutch. There are currently 8 master programmes.


In the latest edition of the Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs 2008 ('2008 Higher Education Guide’), Zuyd University takes first place of all 13 larger universities of professional education, with an average score of 6.85.


Zuyd University has the following sectors:

  • Economics, Languages, Communication and Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Social Studies, Behaviour & Society
  • Arts & Design, Music
  • Teacher Training / Education
  • Technology and Engineering


Zuyd University consists of the following faculties, at three different locations:
Faculty Location
Ergo therapy Heerlen
Health and Technology Heerlen
Logopedics Heerlen
Nursing Heerlen
Construction Heerlen
Life Science Centre of Expertise in Life Sciences (CEL) Heerlen
ICT Heerlen/Sittard/Maastricht
Technology Heerlen
Facility Management Heerlen
Education Heerlen/Maastricht
International Communication Maastricht
Social Pedagogic Work Maastricht
Social Pedagogic Work Sittard
Social Work Sittard
Higher Hotel school Maastricht
Conservatorium Maastricht (Academy of Music) Maastricht
Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht
Academy of Dramatic Arts Maastricht
Academic of Architecture Maastricht
Work and Law Sittard
Financial Management Maastricht
Marketing Management Sittard

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