Zazpiak Bat

Zazpiak Bat, coined by the Basque explorer Antoine-Thomson d'Abbadie in the nineteenth century, from the Basque words zazpiak meaning "the seven ones" and bat meaning "one", translates as "the seven ones [are] one" and refers to the seven historical Basque Country territories. Similarly, Laurak Bat ("the four ones [are] one", after the four Basque provinces of Spain) is the motto of the Real Sociedad Bascongada de Amigos del País since the Enlightenment.

Zazpiak Bat is also a heraldic nickname for the nationalist version of the Basque coat of arms which includes the arms of the seven territories of Basque Country. It was designed by Jean Jaugain in 1897 for the Congrès et Fêtes de la Tradition basque celebrated at Donibane Lohizune and named after the concept of the unity of Basque lands; zazpiak bat. The original Zazpiak Bat features a design of traditional arms of six Basque territories, namely Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Biscay (three that make the Basque Country autonomous community in Spain); Navarre; and the two that are part of the French department of the Pyrénées Atlantiques - Zuberoa and Lapurdi, coat of arms of Lower Navarre, a royal version of the Navarrese one is omitted. A modern design is based on the current simplified heraldry of these territories.

Laurak Bat with the four Basque provinces in Spain (Navarre replaced with a red field following a court decision for its removal) is adopted as the coat of arms of the autonomous community.

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