Zapata Wren

The Zapata Wren, Ferminia cerverai, is a medium sized grayish-brown bird that lives in dense shrubs of the Zapata Swamp, Cuba. Measuring about 16 cm (6.25 in) in length, it is brown overall, though striped with black and with grayish underparts. Its tail is long.

The Zapata Wren is confined and endemic to the Zapata Peninsula of southern Cuba. The bird's song is similar to that of the House Wren, in that it is high-pitched and loud, described as a "musical warble preceded by guttural note, given in series of three or four phrases."

The Zapata Wren's habitat is typically freshwater marsh and lowland savanna with scattered bushes and low trees. It feeds on insects, spiders, small snails, lizards and berries. The wren typically makes its nest in sawgrass tussocks. It is thought to breed between January and July.

Typical threats are fires in the dry season, drainage of the wetlands, destruction due to agriculture, and predation by introduced mongooses and rats.


  • Database entry includes justification for why this species is endangered

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