This article is about the character on Charmed. For the restaurant, see Zankou Chicken.

Zankou is a powerful demon on the television series Charmed. He is portrayed by Oded Fehr.

Character's background

The Source incarcerated him, most likely because Zankou is a very powerful demon, extremely difficult to vanquish, and can match (if not best) The Source in strength. After The Source dies for good, a group of demons freed him, because of the threat of The Avatars. His powers include: emitting bee-like particles, fiery teleportation, energy blasts, regeneration, energy balls, telekinesis, fireball, shapeshifting, prescience, absorption of demonic powers, resurrecting the dead, and quite possibly others. He is also notoriously intelligent, arguably one of the most intelligent demons to have appeared on the program. Additionally, unlike most demons, Zankou seems to have a good understanding of human nature, enough to be able to successfully attack the Charmed Ones psychologically.

He helped the Charmed Ones in their fight with the Avatars along with Leo and Kyle. After the threat of the Avatars had passed, Zankou began to mobilize the Underworld in hopes to control it. He attempted to steal the Book of Shadows on various occasions. He even hired a demonic alchemist to brainwash resurrected zombie innocents that the Charmed Ones were previously unable to save into attacking them. Because their emotions are tied to the Book of Shadows, when they became vulnerable, so did the Book, allowing Zankou to steal it. Using the spells in the Book of Shadows, Zankou first stole Phoebe's power of premonition so that he could anticipate their attacks and see what they were doing to try to stop him.

Zankou is vanquished when the Charmed Ones recite a spell to destroy the Nexus while it is inside him.


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