Zaibunnisa Street

Zaibunnisa (Zebunnissa, Zaib-un-Nissa) Street is a famous street in Karachi, Pakistan. Located in the neighbourhood of Saddar, in the heart of the city, it is one of Karachi's oldest and historic streets.

It was originally known as Elphinstone Street, in honour of a British official. In 1970, its name was changed to 'Zaibunnisa Street' by the government of Karachi, in honour of Zaib-un-Nissa Hamidullah, an influential Pakistani journalist and writer. Although her real name was 'Zaib-un-Nissa', the government chose to name the street 'Zaibunnisa', an alternative spelling of her name, judging that it would be easier to spell.

Zaibunnisa Street is one of Karachi's most renowned shopping districts. In addition, some consulates and hotels are also found on the street. It is one of the city's most vital arteries, and, as such, is subjected to a lot of pollution from transport.

Before the population and pollution explosions in Karachi, it was called Karachi's Piccadilly Circus by foreigners, as it is lined with historic colonial buildings from the British Raj era.

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Please visit Gems and Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre (previously known as Common Facility Training and Manufacturing Centre) situated on Zaibunnisa Street. It is equipped with modern technology.

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