Yin Ju-keng

Yin Ju-keng (Chinese: 殷汝耕) (1885 - 1947) was leader of a collaborationist Japanese puppet state in north China in the Second Sino-Japanese War

Born in 1885, and graduated from Waseda University, Yin participated in the Nationalist Revolution of 1911 and served in warlord governments before joining the Kuomingtang in 1926. Following the Northern Expedition, he became commissioner of the Luantung Area of the demilitarized zone in Hebei in 1933. On November 15, 1935 Yin proclaimed the area under his administration as the East Hebei Autonomous Council in opposition to the Nationalist government with the aid of the Japanese Kwangtung Army. After the Tungchow Mutiny in late July 1937, the East Heibei government was absorbed into the Provisional Government of the Republic of China. Yin was arrested by the Kuomingtang government at the end of the war, and was executed in 1947.


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