Yeppoon, Queensland

Yeppoon is a coastal resort town situated in Central Queensland, Australia. The town has been relieved of its duties as the administrative centre for the Livingstone Shire due to the 2007/2008 Local Government Amalgamations. Located on Keppel Bay, at the 2006 census, Yeppoon had a population of 13,284.


Yeppoon is the major town along the tourist strip of the Capricorn Coast, and is around 700 km north of the state capital, Brisbane, and 40 km from its nearest regional centre, the city of Rockhampton. Long stretches of beaches are the main tourist attraction, while the islands of the Keppel Group, in particular Great Keppel Island, are another drawcard. The Rosslyn Bay boat harbour caters for professional and privately owned vessels and is a very popular place to raise a young family as well as those seeking a sea change. Yeppoon's rapid population growth is a reflection of its very popular conditions

North of the town is the Byfield State Forest and National Park. The State Forest consists largely of pine plantations. The National Park is largely coastal and sand dune based geographical areas. It is popular with Four Wheel Drive enthusiasts.


Pineapples and sugar were the major industries of the early town. The first European residents arrived in 1865. Along with other sugar growing areas of Australia, South Sea Islanders were used as labourers on the sugar plantations, often without their consent (see blackbirding). No sugar is grown in the area today, and pineapple production has declined significantly in recent years.


Yeppoon is home to prominent Rugby league breeding ground St. Brendan's College. Professional players Paul Bowman, Jamie Simpson, Matthew Scott, Tom Hewitt, Julian O'Neill, Shane Martenee, PJ Marsh and Dave Taylor are all St. Brendan's alumni.


Yeppoon has the 3rd highest population expansion rate in Australia, and has undergone a very large expansion in recent years including many new residential estates and various shopping centers either under construction or recently completed. During the last population count Yeppoon was recorded as having just over 10 thousand people but now figures are showing that Yeppoon's population is now well over the 15,000 mark.

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