Yeomanry Mounted Division

The Yeomanry Mounted Division was a Territorial Army cavalry division formed in Palestine in mid-1917 from three yeomanry mounted brigades. In July 1918, the division was renamed the 4th Cavalry Division and the brigades were likewise renamed as cavalry brigades.

Due to the increased demand for mobile units on the Western Front in 1918, six of the regiments were withdrawn from the division and sent to France in April. They were replaced by Indian cavalry regiments from the British Indian Army which meant that the complete break-up of the division was averted.

Unit History


The "mounted" brigades were redesignated as "cavalry" brigades when the division was renamed as the 4th Cavalry Division. 6th Mounted Brigade / 10th Cavalry Brigade :

The brigade joined from the Imperial Mounted Division. 8th Mounted Brigade / 11th Cavalry Brigade :

The brigade had been serving in Saloniki during the Balkans Campaign before joining the division in July 1917. 22nd Mounted Brigade / 12th Cavalry Brigade :


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