XLink Kai

XLink Kai is a method developed by Team-XLink for online play of certain compatible console games.

It enables players on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo GameCube and other consoles to play games across the Internet using a network configuration that simulates a world-wide local area network (LAN).

For XLink Kai to work, the Kai client program must be installed and running on a compatible personal computer or Linux device. The Kai client is required to let consoles connect online. XLink Kai acts like a proprietary LAN network that "tunnels" games over the internet to connect users from all over the world, creating a massive online gaming network with this free networking service. For the Xbox, the functionality is provided directly within the XBMC GUI; however, the Kai client is still required to be running on a computer on the user's network. It is also possible to run the Kai client on other Linux-based devices, such as modified Linksys WRT54G series routers or the Linksys NSLU2 NAS devices.


  • Supports Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube and PSP LAN enabled games. The Xbox 360 is designed by Microsoft to be incompatible with this kind of software. It will automatically drop connections if the ping is >33ms in system link connection.
  • Integrated chat in all areas
  • No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups. UPnP support.
  • Global user interface
  • Auto-update on start-up
  • Multi-console compatible
  • Compatible with wireless networks (not all wireless network setups)
  • Superior compression algorithms for less lag
  • Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP
  • Trusted clan and tournament and ladder arenas
  • Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (for Xbox users only)

A list of compatible system-link Xbox games is on the website.

Xbox Media Center and XLink Kai

Xbox Media Center (XBMC) for Microsoft's Xbox console has a control client for XLink Kai that allows control of the XLink Kai software program from the user's Xbox via XBMC GUI.

  • MC360 is a skin for XBMC by Blackbolt that makes the XLink Kai client (XBMC-Live) resemble the Xbox 360's factory dashboard and Xbox Live's connectivity for friends, arenas, etc. for more seamless use of XLink Kai in XBMC.

Latest news

7.4 Beta has been released and contains many new features.

Kai 8.4 is a foundational release specifically focused on internationalization and platform independence.

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