Winans family

The Winans family is an African-American family of Gospel music artists from Detroit, Michigan.

Family members

Recording artists and groups within the family

Mom and Pop Winans

Delores and David Winans recorded together as "Mom and Pop Winans" and separately at various times as "Mom", "Pop", "David" or "Delores". Delores is currently signed to daughter CeCe's label PureSprings Gospel. Delores and David met while in the Lucille Lemon Choir conducted by James Cleveland. They organized yearly Christmas concerts at Mercy Hall in which their ten children participated.

The Winans

Brothers Ronald, Marvin, Carvin, and Michael Winans (the second, third, fourth and fifth siblings) grew up in Detroit, Michigan and were discovered by Andrae Crouch, who signed them to Light Records. Their first record, Introducing The Winans was produced in 1981. Their style was noted for its crossover efforts and received airplay on R&B radio. The group's last recording was in 1995, but they have subsequently been involved in various Winans family projects where they are credited as "The Winans" (e.g. November 2000's Christmas: Our Gifts To You).

Ron Winans Family & Friends

In addition to his involvement with The Winans, Ron released a solo album in the late 1980's on the EMI Gospel label, and recorded a series of five CDs called Ron Winans Family & Friends, numbered I-V. He also co-founded, with Gladys Knight, the Gladys & Ron's Chicken & Waffles chain of restaurants. Ron died in 2005..

Marvin Winans

Marvin Winans has increasingly focused on work as the pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, where he has continued to record albums with the church's choir, under the name of Marvin Winans and the Perfected Praise Choir. Marvin, along with Delores ("Mom") and nephew Alvin Love III (sister CeCe's son), signed to CeCe's record label PureSprings Gospel. PureSprings Gospel released Marvin's album Alone But Not Alone in September 2007.

Michael and Regina Winans

Michael Winans has performed and released several recordings with wife Regina including the independent album Be Yourself. The album featured background vocals provided by their children Mike (Michael Jr) and LaShay. Their third CD was released in January 2008.

Daniel Winans

Daniel Winans (sixth sibling) was also a Grammy Award for Best Soul Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus winning Gospel musician and has produced several albums.

BeBe & CeCe Winans

Youngest brother and seventh sibling (Benjamin (BeBe Winans) recorded with oldest sister and eighth sibling Priscilla (CeCe Winans) as "BeBe & CeCe Winans". Both subsequently recorded as solo acts, and have established solo careers. CeCe has also founded the PureSprings Gospel label, which has signed a number of artists, including family members: Delores ("Mom") Winans, Marvin Winans, and CeCe's son (with Alvin Love Jr), Alvin Love III.

Angie and Debbie Winans

Sisters Angie and Debbie Winans are the ninth and tenth of the siblings, and are the youngest members of the family. Their first album entitled "Angie and Debbie" was released in 1993 on Capital Records. It included "Light of Love", which featured pop diva Whitney Houston on background vocals. Stephanie Mills was also featured on background vocals on the song "Father, Father". Their second album entitled Bold (1997); contained the song "Not Natural", a song denouncing homosexuality. This led to protests by GLAAD. Angie Winans released a solo project in 2001 entitled Melodies of My Heart. Debbie Winans later released a children's album.

Winans Phase 2

Winans Phase 2 (also frequently referred to as Winans Phase II) was formed in 1998 and recorded on Myrrh Records. It consists of Marvin Winans Jr., Carvin Winans Jr., Michael Winans Jr., and Juan Winans, (son of Carvin, Sr.) Marvin Jr. started a production company called M2 Entertainment and produced songs for his mother Vickie Winans' album Woman To Woman. He also released a solo album entitled Image of a Man.

Vickie Winans

Vickie Winans was the former wife of Marvin and a solo artist. She was also raised in a musical family in Detroit. Her debut solo album in 1987 was entitled Be Encouraged.

Mario Winans

Mario Winans is a solo Gospel and R&B artist. He debuted in 1997 and had a Billboard number one album in 2004. He is the son of Vickie Winans and Ronald Brown, but took the Winans name after Vickie married Marvin Winans in the late 1970s.

The Winans Family in popular culture

On December 24, 1990 the Winans family appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Family members on the show included Ronald, Carvin, Marvin, and Michael (as "The Winans"), BeBe & CeCe (as a duo), Vickie, Mom and Pop, Daniel, David, Angie, and Debbie.

Matthew Winans

"Pop" Winans is a cousin of professional basketball player Matthew Winans, parents of Mary and Normam Winans. Matthew has completed a second ten day contract with the Boston Celtic as of Jan 25 of 2008, he is now waiting for the final roster cut. Matthew Winans has been selected to the Miami Heat 2008 preseason camp, with talks of a possible 4 year contract. Winans as 6'6 shooting guard, Coach Erik Spoelstra said "Winans would fit in with the Heats new run and gun offense this year". Coach Spoelstra believes Winans, Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion, and Alonzo Mourning will be a interesting and exciting combination to watch during the preseason camp this year.


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