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Wilhelm Cauer

Wilhelm Cauer (June 24, 1900April 22, 1945) was a German mathematician and scientist. He is most noted for his work on the analysis and synthesis of electronic filters and his work marked the beginning of the field of network synthesis. Prior to his work, electronic filter design was an art, requiring specialized knowledge and intuition. Cauer placed the field on a firm mathematical footing, providing a theoretical basis for the rational design of electronic filters.

Wilhelm Cauer was born in Berlin, Germany, on June 24, 1900. He studied mathematics and physics at the Technical University of Berlin, and in 1926 presented his thesis entitled "The realization of impedances of specified frequency dependence" which took the first steps toward a program of network synthesis.

The onset of World War II interrupted Cauer's work although he did publish the first volume of his more extensive work "Theorie der linearen Wechselstromschaltungen" [Theory of Linear A.C. Circuits].

He was found dead near Berlin at the end of the war under till now uncleared circumstances .

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