Wilford is a village close to the centre the city of Nottingham, UK, on the banks of the River Trent. It has been described as a semi-rural village in a city. The village is bounded to the north and west by the River Trent and to the east by the embankment of the now closed Great Central Railway.

To some with longer memories Wilford should be called South Wilford.

Wilford Church

Wilford Church is a fellowship, and part of the Church of England, that meets, worships and prays together in Wilford, Nottingham. The Wilford Church Family has a membership of around 300. The church's formal name is St Wilfrid's and it has a parish area that covers Wilford, Silverdale, Nottingham and a large part of the Compton Acres estate. There are two Church of England Schools in Wilford..

Saint Wilfrid lived in the area from 634 to 709 A.D. He was for many years Bishop of York and his diocese included Nottinghamshire. He baptised in this area and it is quite likely that he baptised in the ford near the present-day Wilford church.

The Church contains two memorials to the Nottingham poet Henry Kirke White who drew much of his inspiration from the Wilford and Clifton areas of Nottingham.

The Wilford Schools

Wilford has four schools; two primary and two secondary:

The Wilford Sports Clubs

Wilford has numerous sports clubs for football, rugby, basketball, bowls and archery.

Notable people

  • Jeremiah Brandreth - revolutionary, was born here in 1790. He was the last person to be decapitated with an axe for treason


Wilford is home to a number of nature reserves - two being Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) managed by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Wilford also has a number of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation

  • Iremonger Pond SINC
  • Gresham Marshes SINC
  • Trentside SINC
  • Wilford Disused Railway is also designated as a SINC


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