Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Wheelers Hill is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its Local Government Area is the City of Monash.

Wheelers Hill was almost certainly named after the Wheeler brothers, John and Bartholomew, who were early settlers in the area. The Wheelers Hill Hotel was a post office and stopping point for farmers before a 6 to 8 hour drive to the city by horse to sell their goods. Sadly the Wheelers Mansion can not be seen today. It was destroyed by a fire in the late 1920s. The house was located somewhere to the south of the Wheelers Hill Library.

Wheelers Hill was the last suburb of the now Monash City Council to be linked up to the electricity grid. This is because, at the time, there was a dispute between the Shire of Mulgrave and the Council of Waverley on whose suburb it was. The main roads in Wheelers Hill were named after land owners. The roads run on the boundaries of old orchards and farms.

In Columbia Park on Jells Road, there are steps, and a brick outline of where a homestead once stood (it was either the Jells or Wheelers homestead)

Wheelers Hill is home to Jells Park, a major recreational facility of over 127 hectares.It contains 9 kilometers of cycle paths and walking tracks which surround a large lake. Wheelers Hill is known for its trees. Parklands make up 31% of the total area of Wheelers Hill.

The Wheelers Hill campus of Caulfield Grammar School is the suburb's largest school.

Chris Cheney, guitarist and lead vocalist from The Living End went to school in Wheelers Hill, attending the Wheelers Hill Secondary College. He also spent his time before his rise to fame working in the After School Care program at Jells Park Primary School.

Wheelers Hill Cricket Club is the area's major cricket team.


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