What Happened to Mary?

What Happened to Mary? is the first motion picture serial made in the United States. Made by Edison Studios, the action serial consisted of twelve one reel episodes released monthly beginning July 26 1912 to coincide with the serial story of the same name published in McClure's Ladies' World magazine.

The scripts for What Happened to Mary? were written by Horace G. Plympton and directed by Charles Brabin. The star of the serial was twenty-three-year-old Mary Fuller who had been acting in films since 1907 and Charles Ogle who in 1910 had been the first actor to ever portray "Frankenstein" on film.

Episode Titles:

  1. The Escape from Bondage
  2. Alone in New York
  3. Mary in Stage Land
  4. The Affair at Raynor's
  5. A Letter to the Princess
  6. A Clue to Her Parentage
  7. False to Their Trust
  8. A Will and a Way
  9. A Way to the Underworld
  10. The High Tide of Misfortune
  11. A Race to New York
  12. Fortune Smiles

Exactly one year to the day after the release of What Happened to Mary?, Edison Studios followed up with a six episode sequel titled Who Will Marry Mary?

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