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Waterview Tower

Waterview Tower is a mixed used development under construction in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Scheduled for completion in 2009, it will be the fifth tallest building in Chicago and the third tallest residential building at 319 meters (1,047 feet and 1/2 inch) 90 stories tall.

Construction status

Construction operations have been slowed due to the finalization of financing. Virtually no progress has been made since March, 2008, and construction activity has appeared to have stopped. (July 15, 2008)

Minimal work has been performed on on site, mainly the dismantling and removal of construction equipment. Main crane is still on site (July 16, 2008)


The supertall tower is being built on Wacker Drive between LaSalle Street and Clark Street, where a parking lot had been for over 30 years. The official address of the building is 111 W. Wacker Drive.


Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts will make its debut in the United States by occupying floors 12 through 27 of the building with a 5-star hotel containing 200 hotel condominium units.


Waterview Tower will have parking for guest and residents on floors 2 to 11. The Shangri-La Hotel will occupy floors 12 through 27 with 200 hotel condominiums. A setback at the 29th floor level will hold a rooftop garden in addition to being the amenities level for all building guests and residents. The remaining 30 through 88 floors will comprise of 233 condominium and penthouse residences.


The Waterview Tower will be a concrete building with an exterior wall made of glass, granite and aluminum to generate a prismatic look. Per one of the city's approval conditions to include an outdoor garden, a terrace will spread over approximately 8,000 square feet featuring landscaping, water elements, sun deck, and pet recreation area on the 29th floor.

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