Washington High School (Washington Court House, Ohio)

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Washington High School (also known as Washington Court House) is a public high school located in Washington Court House, Ohio in Fayette County.

The current high school is located on Willard Street on the eastern side of town. Originally, the current middle school was the town's high school, but in the district's late 1960's attempt at expansion, the current high school was built. Only one high school exists in the Washignton Local School District. A new high school (and middle school) building will be constructed on the massive Elm Street construction site between the corner of Elm and Willard and the current McDonald's restaurant.

Washington Senior High has approximately 50 staff members and approximately 600 students in grades 9-12.


Ohio High School Athletic Association State Championships

The future

Residents recently voted on a levy in order to secure tax monies to replace the aging school buildings currently in use, with a total budget of $60,693,801. The majority of funds, $39,694,272, will be provided by state, while the local community will provide $13,946,000. Locally funded initiatives will provide an extra $7,053,529. The companies overseeing this project are Ruscilli Construction Co. Inc., Heapy Engineering LLC, Shell + Meyer Associates Inc., and Ruetschle Architects.

On May 7, 2006, a groundbreaking ceremony and celebration took place near the high school and Eastside Elementary to raise awareness and mount excitement for the buildings coming in the near future. A statement released on the district's web site regarding the new schools reads as follows:

"(Upon the groundbreaking,) Washington City Schools will begin a two year construction project which will replace the existing facilities with four state-of-the-art school buildings. This exciting project received overwhelming community support by continuing a tradition of ensuring adequate funding for local schools. These new buildings, while not only bringing architectural beauty that adds to the richness of our community, will ensure that our students are provided with an education that is second to none. The schools are to be configured with K-2 housed in one facility, another "primary" facility for 3-5, a third Middle School building which will host 6-8, and the Senior High School where grades 9-12 will meet for classes. The schools include dedicated space for libraries, media, gymnasiums, fine arts, musical arts, outdoor sports facilities, and will support a technology-oriented infrastructure that will assure a comprehensive academic experience for our students. This major project is an unbelievable opportunity for our community and we enthusiastically anticipate inaugurating these four cutting-edge facilities in September of 2008."


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