Video Game Voters Network

The Video Game Voters Network is a newly formed lobbying organization designed to defend the rights of the video gaming industry and video gaming consumer. The organization contends that "...Video games are fully protected speech under the Constitution, and receive the same First Amendment protection as books, movies, music and cable television programs." The network is a project of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).


The Video Game Voters Network was founded on March 13, 2006 as a website,, as a project of the Entertainment Software Association, with the express purpose of providing "...a means for American adults who play computer and video games to organize and take action on important policy issues affecting the computer and video game industry."

In a very short span of time, the organization began to grow considerably. Within the span of a week, the organization surpassed the 10,000 member mark.

Political Position

The Video Game Voters Network, as expressed through their website, opposes efforts to regulate the content of entertainment media, including proposals to criminalize the sale of certain games to minors, or regulate video games differently than movies, music, books, and other media.


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