Vertebrate Palaeontology (Benton)

Vertebrate Palaeontology is a basic textbook on vertebrate paleontology by Michael J. Benton, published by the Blackwell's. It has so far appeared in three editions, published in 1990, 1997, and 2005. It is designed for paleontology graduate courses in biology and geology as well as for the interested layman.

The book gives an overall account of every major group of living and fossil vertebrate. At the rear of the book is a phylogenetic classification which combines both the Linnaean hierarchy and the cladistic arrangement, and has been used as a guideline for the Wikipedia pages on living and extinct vertebate taxa. However, some of Benton's classification differs from that in the Tree of Life Web Project, especially as regards the relationship of early amphibian groups (Batrachomorpha and Reptiliomorpha).


  • Benton, M. J. (2004), Vertebrate Paleontology, 3rd ed. Blackwell Science Ltd
  • Benton, M. J. (2007), Paläontologie der Wirbeltiere, Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil. German translation by Hans-Ulrich Pfretzschner based upon the third edition.
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