Vector Prime

Vector Prime is the first installment of the New Jedi Order series set in the Star Wars universe. It is a science fiction novel written by R. A. Salvatore and published in 1999.


The Galactic Empire has ended the war with the New Republic, but the galaxy is far from at peace. Unrest is spreading everywhere, and threatens to destroy the New Republic's tenuous reign.

Into this fragile moment comes Nom Anor, a mysterious and charismatic firebrand who is sowing seeds of mistrust and anger through his call for a simpler time. Little do his followers know the truth which hides behind his words.

When ExGal 4, a scientific outpost on Belkedan, discovers an odd comet-like object coming through the vast distance between the galaxies, astrophysicist Danni Quee takes it upon herself to investigate. She journeys to the Helska system, unaware of the danger which threatens the survival of the entire galaxy: the Yuuzhan Vong.

Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, along with the Solos and Chewbacca are thrust into the middle of the danger once more, forced to fight with all they have to save the galaxy.

But this time, the Force itself may not be enough.


At the time of its first publication, Vector Prime was extremely controversial among Star Wars fans in that its plot called for the death of Chewbacca, making the Wookiee the first major character from the original trilogy to be permanently killed off in the Expanded Universe novels. The concept of killing such a character was the decision of the book editors, who sent a list of characters they would like to kill to George Lucas, with Luke Skywalker at the top of the list. The response was what characters they couldn't kill, and Chewbacca wasn't on the list, hence his selection. This is covered - in some detail - in the round table interview with the series editors published at the end of the final New Jedi Order novel, The Unifying Force. Opinion was sharply divided as to whether this death of a beloved character was a cheap ploy to boost sales and interest in the new series, or if it served the dramatic purpose of declaring that not even the core characters were necessarily "safe" anymore.

Though Chewbacca is the first major character from the original trilogy who dies in a novel, this is not the first time a talking character from the original trilogy dies in a novel. General Madine, who appears in Return of the Jedi alongside Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma, had died in the novel Darksaber, published in 1995. Several other characters from the movies had previously died in novels and tales, such as Het Nkik, the Jawa in the cantina, however, this character was relatively minuscule, whereas Chewbacca was an important part of the Star Wars universe. This set up the gritty and dark atmosphere that encomposed throughout the series that was set during wartime and demonstrated a willingness to push the expanded universe in areas it had not explored.

Worlds Visited

  • Belkadan: The planet on which ExGal 4 is located. The ExGal stations were located on the rim of the galaxy to research activity beyond. Belkadan is the location of the first direct contact with the Yuuzhan Vong invaders.
  • Dubrillion and Destrillion: A pair of planets where Lando Calrissian has his most recent enterprise located. The Solos and Kyp Durron's "Dozen and Two Avengers" help defend the system during one of the first Yuuzhan Vong attacks.
  • Helska 4: An icy planet where the Praetorite Vong have set up a temporary base of operations. This base is also used for the detainment of Danni Quee and Miko Reglia as both a prison and interrogation facility.
  • Sernpidal: A world where the Yuuzhan Vong show their might by pulling the planet's moon to the surface, destroying Sernpidal. The destruction had its effect, terrorizing many New Republic citizens. Chewbacca dies saving Anakin Solo moments before the planet's demise.

Other Notes

For Vector Prime, Mark Hamill reprised his role as Luke Skywalker for a commercial for the book. He had a speaking role, where he, as Luke, recalled his previous struggles and talks of how he was unsure he could defeat this new threat, the Yuuzhan Vong.

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