Varieties of the Romanian language

Romanian dialects/varieties are not as varied as in many other Romance languages. Romanians themselves refer to them as accents or graiuri (speeches/varieties) rather than dialects. The differences between the varieties of Daco-Romanian are small and mainly in vocabulary and in phonology, as the grammar is almost identical all over the area inhabited by Romanians. This makes the Romanian language mutually intelligible over the entire territory inhabited by Romanians, including Moldova.

Romanian is divided into several "graiuri" ('speeches'), delimited in approximately the following regions:

  • the northern varieties - Moldavia, Banat and most of Transylvania:
  • the southern varieties - in Wallachia, the southern Transylvania (Făgăraş and Braşov areas), and the southern part of Dobruja:
    • Muntenia (munteneşte) -- spoken in the eastern half of Wallachia, including Bucharest; this has become the basis of the standard language.
    • Oltenia (olteneşte) -- western half of Wallachia


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